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Grand Chase: Join the Chase!

For Grand Chase lovers, players, and more :D

Tags: Grand, Chase

X_Kohana Nozomi_X Private 7,419 192
D.Gray-man: The Millennium Menace [Open and Accepting]

An alternate reality where you are your own main character.

Tags: Anime, Role Playing, D. Gray Man, Allen, Lenalee

II Kenji Uchiha II Private 929 8
Your own Pokemon Journey

this guild will be opening in the few days

Tags: pokemon, roleplay, fun stuff, people, community

Sterling-Raven16 Public 127 7
HunterxHunter: Hunters Exam

A HunterxHunter Rp. Guild.

Tags: HunterxHunter, hunter, RolePlay, Fighting

Sacrificial-End Public 38 1
Pokemon University (accepting)

the place for trainers to learn and grow with their pokemon

Tags: oh-my-calamity, pokemon, role play, school

vaikunta Private 700 14
Airship Night's Journey

Engines are roaring, propellers are spinning. Are you ready for adventure?

Tags: steampunk, airship, journey, adventure, warfare

Araiya_Runestone Public 94 12
PokemonWorld RP (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh Finished)

Every Region Every Pokemon

Lord Maraku Public 283 7
Zodia Magika

Magical school where the zodiac rule.

Tags: zodiac, magic, school, ball, star

Mishi Tanaka Public 83 8
Bound For Hunting (Shuryō no tame ni baindo sa reta)

This guild is about a brother and sister and they paths the go down at their own risks.

Tags: Demons, Angels, Wolves, Vampires, Humans

revy the vengeful angel Private 44 4
~The Falls Academy~ (Open 1/26/14)

When you have no where else to go, where do you go? The Falls Academy

Tags: Supernatural, RolePlay, Romance, Academy

ShelbiRaine Public 16 1
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