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Dissida Retribution: Search for the One Piece (Beta)

A literate Role-Playing guild where Imersion and Fairness are Dedicated Ideals

Tags: role play, Retribution, One Piece, Pirate, Literate

kagetsuki Burudoshisu Private 1,949 12
Dogs of the Military {open and running!}

Much unlike other guilds, we allow your own characters. Work your way up the ranks as either: Homunculi, Alchemists, Human or Chimeras.

Tags: fullmetal alchemist, dogs of the military, alchemist, alchemy, full metal

Kurobi Tenshi Public 4,294 33
Pokémon Elite - Rebirth of the Fallen

Catch and raise your own Pokemon for a chance to take on the Elite Four and eradicate the existence of Team Rocket.

Tags: Pokemon, Elite, Four, Journey, Events

Sen Yoshida Public 5,205 40
RPG Ib Guertena's Revenge.

Let's create a whole new world for Ib

Tags: Ib game, Mary, Garry, Role Play, Game

Unwound Doll Public 303 22


Tags: Steam Punk, Fantasy, Cyber Punk, Dark and Light, Good and Evil

Arcine Public 6,484 36
A Different Kind of Pony-verse

Not your average MLP: FiM premise...

Tags: My Little Pony, MLP fim, Friendship is Magic, Roleplay

Steot Public 32 9
Aegis of Dark'Water

In olden times the Aegis were sent forth by the Gods to protect the realms in times of need.

Tags: Groups, Light, Dark, Good, Evil

Sir Tiv Walker Public 25 11
Pokemon: Journeys

A roleplay guild, for the journey through the pokemon world.

Tags: Gotta, Catch, Them, Alll, Pokemon

Chaos Isaac Public 8 6
Belong to the Faith

Beast Rejoice our time is now!!

Tags: Faith, Friends, Food, Gaia, Conversations

orgazmoray Public 49 12
School of the Wickedly Insane

A School for Magically Gifted Psychopaths

Tags: Magic, School, Psychotic

ninja_neko_girl Public 3 1
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