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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Anime Army [Closed]

Tags: Anime, Japanese, Japan, Animation, Manga

Magegirl Nino Private 254,399 8,462
Kami No Ashita Vicious Trinity Private 147 10
Lilthia Academy

Mind the headmistress...

Tags: Lilthia, Academy, Roleplay, Elves, Fantasy

Kitalpha Hart Private 2,116 4
Japanese Visual Kei Rock. [Vr. †13th MOON†]

This guild is for Lovers of Visual kei and Everything Japanese.

Tags: Visual Kei, Oshare Kei, Japan, Anime, JRock

Sappin Public 5,066 220
Memories of the Sky: Makoto Shinkai

A fan guild with a focus directed at Makoto Shinkai and his works, and other areas of related interests.

Tags: makoto, shinkai, 5 centimeters per second, the place promised in our early days, voices form a distant star

chases_the_rain Public 84 3

"A guild that will test your intellegence, and avi strength. Welcome to Solistice"

Tags: Japanese/military

Freya Nightfell Public 1,142 19
The 47+ Ronin

A guild for all things samurai/ninja/Japan.

Tags: Ronin, samurai, ninja, Japan, bushido

Ronin Gear Private 838 68

A Yaoi Role Play guild

Tags: Yaoi, Role Playing, Literate

Neverland Dyavol Public 1,896 25
The forbidden Love. : The Aomori Empire. (O/A)

A Empress falls inlove with one special samurai, but her mother and father, picked who she would marry.

Tags: roleplay, japanese, empire, empress, samurai

Mar Cobochi Public 5 3
Koneko Academy

This is a Roleplay, its an Academy and you have classes, a dorm, everything it has to offer.

Tags: Roleplay, Classes, Academy, Dorms, Anime

Bani Cake Public 156 9
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