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Gift Syndicate

Join this union of gifters, everyone gives and everyone receives.

Tags: Gifting, Arts, Charity, Giving, Community

improvised reality Private 695 165
Shhhhh! Secret Gift Giving!

A chairty//quest guild. Just come & hangout. Get some gifts!

Tags: Quest, Chairty, Free art, Gifts, Gold

Shherlee Private 9,889 4,129

Lists of items for my own personal ocd

Tags: wtff, list, price, guide, how to

Paka Ruri Kaila Public 141 21
The Runescape Guild

Tags: Runescape, skilling, non-drama, helpful

Airazor Private 100,927 355
Bleach: Elites

A Bleach related role playing guild that gives everyone a chance to live a life in the Bleach universe. We're the Elite.

Tags: Bleach, Stat-Based, Roleplay, Elites, Anime Manga

LindL.Tailor Private 439,769 374
Pokemon Neo Delta Evolution

A Pokemon Breedable RPG for all.

Tags: Pokemon, Hybrid, Delta, Events, Shop

Kaysin_Enorai Private 150 43

In this guild people can give or recieve free items!

Tags: Free, Items, Freebies, Queen sectonia, Donation

Queen Sectonia Public 4 14
Celebrity Rejects

Celebrities that you'll never see hit the screens!

Tags: Celebrity, Rejects, Gossip, Roleplay, Entertainment

CuntWalls Public 11 9
Guardiana of The Exiled

RPG RP thing.

Tags: Paws, Gaming

Rookis12pro Public 4 3
Heavens Berserkers

Heavens Berserkers is a guild for gaians who love to roleplay. Heavens Berserkers has all kinds of topics if you gaians make them. fun? join

Tags: For Everyone!!!

SaltyMeatballs Public 3 1
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