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We're just Better ;D

A guild combined of the usage of all forums with an old gaian style touch to it ;D

Tags: General, Awesome, Better, Old Gaian touch, We're just better

MsBritt Public 2,900 316

Anime? Manga? Games? RPs? Cookies? Cake? Pie? CHEEZE? Sound good enough for you? JOIN NOW!!!!..........Oh, ya...did I mention the many more?

Tags: Anime, ~Animanga~, Randomness, Games, Manga

KuroKageHane Public 3,119 405
◕‿◕ ~~ Free gold and items + zOMG ~~ ◕‿◕

Contests and more!

Tags: Stuff, Free, Items, Gold, Contests

Soft Winter Snow Public 4,217 1,404
Items and Gold Handout

Come And Check Out Our Contest To Win Gold And Prizes!!

Tags: Handouts, Gold, Items, Giveaways, Contests

Grecko the Gecko Public 2,806 147
Gaian Family: Something For Everyone

Bringing Gaians Together As A Family

Tags: Family, Artstuff, Roleplaying, Chatterbox, Funstuff

ShadowsFreedom163 Private 1,032 61
Come Have Fun!!

This guild has everything included. It has a market, fan art, rpg, zomg, avatar avi contests, and much more.

Tags: Shops, Gold, Tektek, Contests, Zomg

SterlBlackRose Public 77 10
Gaia Animal Crossing Guild!

This guild is for fans of Animal Crossing and AC-based role plays!

Netshark0 Public 110 19
Yggdrasil 1-YueMoon-1 Private 3,058 18
Giveaway With a Slight Twist

We Try to Make Gifting and Receiving an Awesome Experience

Tags: Giveaway, Gifting, Gifts

RainbowMania Public 75 12
How Many Wishes?

Much like Christmas Wish Charities, we give to those who wish for items or gold, but it is in fact all year around.

Tags: charity, wish, gold, free

SheepieHime Public 3 2
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