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Republic City Role Play

A role playing guild set in Republic City from the new series Legend of Korra

Tags: avatar: the last airbender, legend of korra, republic city, bending, equalists

VintageAutomaton Private 3,689 76
The 'New' Gaian Coliseum

Do you enjoy fighting? Do you enjoy fantasy roleplay? If so this is your one stop shop!! ^_^

Tags: Fantasy, Combat, Free For All

S.Lyger Public 1,216 78

Tags: naruto, inuyasha, bleach, code geass, lucky star

Akira-uchiha333 Public 966 455
The Anime RPG

The roleplaying guild for anime fans

Tags: Anime, Roleplaying, Bleach, Naruto, Inuyasha

Baron Von Gekkingen Private 102,897 22
«Role Playing«Dome«

The Heart of Role playing, sits here at the Role Playing Dome.

Tags: Anime, Role Playing, Dome

your classic mess Public 4,799 20
Inuyasha: Scars of Time ~U/C~

Two Separate worlds, but on thing in common. The scars of Time. Come explore the worlds of Inuyasha like none other!

Tags: Inuyasha, Scars, Times, Demons, Fighting

Xx Scarlet Rain Xlll xX Public 2,306 3
The War of Meridian

Many different races battle, but which will Survive?

Tags: Supernatural, Battle, Mythical, Romance, Drama

StellaLuna SkyWind Private 578 5
Inuyasha afterstory

5 yrs have past, and inuyasha and Kagome have a new child...

Tags: Anime, Inuyasha, afterstory, Kouga XD

-Eclipsing SPADE- Public 259 10
Inuyasha: The Lost Generation (Profile Ready)

A role play for Inuyasha loving dedicated semi-lit to lit roleplayers.

Tags: Inuyasha, Action, Adventure, Romance, Violence

Suki_Guardian_of_Death Private 52 13
Best Cosplay-♥

Anime RP

Chuu-x Public 2 2
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