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The Music Artists of Gaia

A musician's guild!

Tags: musicians, music, instruments, bands

x.Marsh[mel]low.x Private 12,264 1,323
Christian Musicians

This is a place For Christian Musicians to come and discuss music or randomness.

Tags: Music, Christianity, Christ, Instruments, Vocal

dragonfreakpk Public 1,685 171

As is our confidence, so is our capacity.

Tags: Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Military

evilercrawdad Public 10,922 73
Twisted Echoes

I'm planning to make this a multi-RP guild that everyone can be part of.

Tags: Ouran, Maximum Ride, Mortal Instruments, Soul Eater, Role Playing

CosplaySpazz Private 1,931 16
The Trombone Appreciation Society x-mas Public 2,778 95
Shadowworld Sanctuary

A Mortal Instruments RP Guild

Tags: Mortal Instruments, Shadowhunter, Cassandra Clare, Jace, Clary

Shadow_Catching Fire Public 828 13
Delightful Twist

The four famous Highschools in Tokyo are filled with rich dramas, intense adrenaline, shocking secrets and warm love. Join and roleplay.

Tags: Delightful, Twist, Academy, Romance, Roleplay

hundredpercentasian Public 1,216 3
Heart of Music Guild

Music You Love

Tags: music, band, songs, composer, instrument

Danilla Cranberry Public 57 14
➳ ✮Sø ﻻøu Wa♬t t⊗ ♭e Faღøus✮

A roleplaying guild about a school for musicians and artists.

Tags: Music, Academy, School, Romance, Rock

Death_by_Unicorns Public 61 4
The Everlasting Battle (A Music War Roleplay)[CONSTRUCTION]

A music war has filled up the everlasting Earth, you know music, you do music, you play music, you sing music, or you die.

Tags: Music, Fighting, Battle, Everlasting, Roleplaying

Sparkel_No_Sparkling Public 24 4
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