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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The RP Mansion~

A wide variety of roleplaying and free roleplay~

Tags: Role Playing, Mansion, Friendly, Open

multicoloredChemtrails Private 555 17
Shadow Fiends

Tags: shadows, fiends, darkness, gems, magic

Reyna Crelos Private 4,360 44
Neon Love

A place to hangout and be yourself among friends who Love you.

Tags: Friendship, Love, Activities, Craziness, Anime

Hazumu-san Public 12,906 66
Romance, Action, Darkness, a Roleplaying Guild^^

Tags: roleplay, dark, action, romance, love

Kunoburedeji Public 12,654 53
20th Century Geeks

A guild for lovers of vintage (pre year 2000) anime, manga & video games

Tags: anime, manga, video games, vintage, geeks

Avane Anime Public 552 54
The Art of Insanity

An Art guild for all types of artists.

Tags: Artist, Photography, Literature, Poetry, Music

I TimeKiller I Public 557 264
Sparks of Insanity

Personal Guild

lilmissy4205 Private 428 14
Twisted Fairy Tales

Something has happen to the world of Fairy Tales.

Tags: Anime, Fairy Tales, Nightmares, Twisted, Insanity

XxStormRavenxX Public 2,771 44
love and pain

"All is well in love and pain..."

Tags: Slave, Master, Love and Pain, Roleplay, Semi. lit

missmekachi Public 268 4

Battle between insanity and reality as you try to redefine the world around you before turning into an abomination.

Mister Mortem Private 15 1
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