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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
D Gray Man Fan Guild

A Guild For All DGM Lovers and Fans

Tags: D Gray Man, Noah, Akuma

Randy Cunningham Public 83,157 569
The Epic Hang-Out

A guild spawned from Juvie 2009, which has expanded to a multi-serving social connection.

Tags: hangout, roleplaying, friends, food, juvie

ZaviorChronos Public 16,779 65

Tags: Role Playing, Supernatural, Love, Funny, World

Vice BlackHeart Private 18,087 7
Black Bird: Next Gen. ( OPEN/Accepting )

Every 100 years, a special girl is born, the 'Senka'. The Senka must choose a Clan Leader of Monsters to marry, otherwise be eaten by them.

Tags: Romance, Comedy, Action, Role playing, Japanese Myths

Lady Shimizu Public 249 14
D.Gray-man: The Millennium Menace [Open and Accepting]

An alternate reality where you are your own main character.

Tags: Anime, Role Playing, D. Gray Man, Allen, Lenalee

II Kenji Uchiha II Private 929 8
Hope City

The government system for all magic kind is corrupt. Refuge here!

Tags: Magic, Corrupt, Government, Demons, Hunters

Recently Found Public 67 4
Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters

It has been many years since the Prof and most of the X-men died. Now their is a new class.

Tags: X-Men, Roleplay, School, Romance, Brotherhood

Ghost_Rios Public 2,171 26
Bound For Hunting (Shuryō no tame ni baindo sa reta)

This guild is about a brother and sister and they paths the go down at their own risks.

Tags: Demons, Angels, Wolves, Vampires, Humans

revy the vengeful angel Private 44 4
New Founders Of America

Blessed be the New Founding Fathers for letting us Purge and cleanse our souls.!

Tags: New Found Fathers, The Purge, 28th Amendment, Survive the Night, America

T Y L E I2 D U I2 D E I7 Public 2 11
Gagged Army

This is a place to gather up all those that have a ballgag for their avi.

Tags: bondage, ballgag, ballgagged, Gagged, Army

HelplessToy Private 1 5
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