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Create your own story in the world of witches and magical girls!

Tags: pmmm, puella magi madoka magica, madoka magica, adventure, roleplay

Rabid Hampters Public 128 11

In a nearly destroyed world, people begin to develop powers based off of the things they fear most. Humanity is now divided.

Tags: Superheroes, Suspense, Mystery, Action, Romance

the NAUGHTY HAUGHTY nerd Private 145 6
The Kingdom Of Alegeharia

A wonderful kind country that is a great place for New and old RPers

Tags: Kingdom, Military, Assassins, Honor, Freedom

Ezio_Legoiceking_Auditore Public 2 7
-=S.T.A.T.=-(Special Tactics Assault Teams) -=Stat=-Vincent Public 55,187 97
Blade Art Online

Wolves seeking Paradise

Tags: Wolfs Rain, Wolves, Packs, Heavan, Humans

S i l i c a a Public 534 39
The Hunt Is On! [ Hunter x Hunter RP Guild ]

An intensive, semi-lit to literate roleplaying guild in the universe of Hunter x Hunter!

Tags: Hunter, Survial, Semi-Lit, Literate, Roleplaying

Ambient Cadence Private 9,869 10
HXH: Call of the Hunt

Tags: Anime, Roleplay, HunterxHunter, Excitement

Ometison Private 173 8
The United Monster Hunter Guild

A place for hunters to hang out with and make hunting parties.

Tags: monsters, hunter rank, united

Clairice Von Hellbond Public 32 1
彡☆═━┈ The Pokemon Global Trade Center!

Welcome to the Global trade center, trade / battle and chat!

Tags: Pokemon, Trading, Roleplay, X and Y, Anime

AzuriIl Private 1,553 164
The Monster Hunter Club

All hail the hunter! Legends of your battles have reached far and wide...

Tags: Monster Hunter, Nintendo 3DS, WiiU, Capcom, Combat Felyne

Fierbird42 Private 2 1
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