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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Lights of Ha'Raidu Guild

Guild for our Gaia B/C shop!

Tags: lantern, horses, roleplay

TLOHR_Staff Public 99 8
Herds of the Kawani

An Unoffical Soquili Herd Guild.

Tags: Soquili, herd, horse, roleplay

HerdsOfTheKawani Public 55 27
Iron Horse, Iron Chariot Loki Aensland Ravensgale Private 2,362 19

this will be a guild for the pets from the shop Atlantis

Tags: atlantis, hippocamp, mermaid, sea serpent, sea horse

Cordelia Seaheart Private 60 4
Hyrules last Breath~

A new genoration along with the original work together to protect Hyrule

Tags: Love/Romance, Training, Hyrule/Skyloft, Goddesses

Ashen Nights Public 1,509 21
The Lights of Ha'Raidu

B/C Role play and event guild for the shop TLOHR.

Tags: Horse, Lantern, Magic, Breedable, Roleplay

ClockworkMidnight Private 1,313 56
Naruto: A New World (Open & Accepting)

A whole new Naruto World where there are new Kage, Akatsuki, Anbu and Jinchuriki. This is also a place where R.P with your friends or Foe.

Tags: Naruto, Shinobi, Roleplaying, Fighting, Love/Romance

LegendJeter Public 2,278 58
New Game: Age of Wushu Online (Team RECON)

(guild in progress)

Tags: MMORPG, Open PVP, Team, Kung Fu

Aye Banyez Public 2 7
HoA Battlegrounds

Herds of Azreth Battlegrounds

Tags: Herds, Azreth, horse, horses, roleplay

King Azreth Public 117 14
⊰ New ♈ Eden ⊱ (not open)

In a world divided by humanity's mistakes must struggle to protect the New Earth.

Tags: pollution, earth, fantasy

gothicimp24 Public 10 1
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