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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Guild

We have a PHD in Horribleness

Tags: Neil Patrick Harris, Doctor Horrible, Sing, Joss Whedon, web series

Queen Taru Public 386 165
~Lolita Gaians~

A guild for lolita's and lolita lovers!

Tags: loltia, gothic, arts, manga, anime

oddity-niichan Public 911 298
The League of Extraordinary AvAers

The very first Avatar Arena guild

Tags: Arenas, Avatars, Avatar Arena, Pirates, Ninjas

Deazy Public 51,470 553
The Akoah Mythos (Literate Roleplaying guild)

A friendly, Relaxed, and Literate which hosts just about any RP we feel like playing.

Tags: Literate, Roleplaying, Fantasy

Chocopyro Public 817 24
Hyrules last Breath~

A new genoration along with the original work together to protect Hyrule

Tags: Love/Romance, Training, Hyrule/Skyloft, Goddesses

Shoku Ginga Public 1,509 20
Herds of Azreth Battlegrounds

Tags: Horse, Azrein, Battle, Herds, Azreth

Azreth Deservian Private 677 28

A Fantasy Horse Breedables Shop

Tags: Ilosia, Horse, Breedables

Goddess Ilosia Public 286 31
Horsebee Cult

zOMG Horsebee Cult.

Tags: horsebee, cult, clan, everyone is welcome

thespeckledfreckle Private 42 15
Horse Legions

Where we love horses, talk about anything horse related, and are generally very friendly people :D

Tags: Horse, Equestrian, Horses, Guild, Awesome

Amy Pearl Public 3 2
Herds of the Kawani

An Unoffical Soquili Herd Guild.

Tags: Soquili, herd, horse, roleplay

HerdsOfTheKawani Public 55 27
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