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RPers & Fans of Survival Horror

A place for friends to meet, chat, and RP all things survival horror.

Tags: Horror, Survival Horror, Zombies, Resident Evil, Silent Hill

Hymn Damakos Private 8,228 13
Naruto: The Feared World (Closed and Rebuilding)

The Great Shinobi War,Naruto Rp

Tags: Naruto, Ninja, Shippuden, Shinobi, Role Playing

Panthers7 Private 3,172 2
The Nightmares of Fairy Tales (Rp)

Fairy Tales that took a turn for the worst. Rp

Tags: Grim tales, fairy tales, horror stories, creepy, children

ALONE-i-N- tHe-DaRk tears Public 1,539 61
The Black Card [A Claymore Guild]

This is, simply, a guild based on the anime/manga "Claymore".

Tags: Action, Plot, Fantasy, Fiction, Claymore

A Stray Sheep Private 291 8
Legion of Black Desire

An RP guild for whatever suits our fancy.

Tags: RPing, Chat, Music, TV Shows, Fantasy

An Immortal Scorned Public 3 2
City of the Dead!

In a world full of chaos over run with zombies, its only Us Vs. Them now.

Tags: Zombies, Roleplay, gore, action, horror

ForEverHaywood Public 214 4
~The World Below~ Gil'Rune

A Ninja RP

Tags: Arcane, Beasts, Lords, Ninja, Clans

Fedelm Public 197 9
☢ Horror High ☢

A Monster High OC Shop!

Tags: monster high, monster high oc, horror high

Chi Sohma Public 1,575 53
☠ The Undertaker ☠

"Welcome to my parlour, dear customers! Do you want to see how it feels to sleep in one of my custom-made coffins?"

Tags: Kuroshitsuji, Black Butler, The Undertaker, Funeral Parlor

Sougiya Private 70 7
Roleplaying Like Mad

This is for all roleplayers of any rank to roleplay about anything

Tags: Roleplaying, Series, Fandoms, Horror, School

Missy Skylar Public 67 10
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