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Punk Rockers of Gaia

A guild for people who love punk rock and any subgenre of it including pop-punk, ska punk, etc. and any band that is on our homepage

Tags: Punk, Rock, Music Genre, blink-182, Pop Punk

Xx_Yellowcard_Emmy96_xX Public 1,612 238
Warriors of the Wasteland

Victory is not determined by those who have fallen in battle, Victory is determined by those who can live on.

Tags: Roleplaying, Adventure, Exploration, Fantasy, Recruiting

Michael Heartstream Private 123 4
All Writers United

A place for any and all writers to share their brilliance.

Tags: writing, literature, fantasy, horror, roleplay

His Majesty Satan Private 2,670 290
St. Lucia's Academy

Not your typical academy

Tags: Supernatural, Horror, Suspense, Drama, Realistic

I Cyanide Wonderland I Public 1,374 1
Live, laugh, Roleplay

Roleplaying for every one

Tags: roleplaying, anime, forfun

Krazy Koony Public 4,556 55
The Universal RP Guild Of Gaia


Tags: Horror, Roleplaying, Fantasy, Romance, Master/Slave

Calafein Helvimtor Private 2,823 40
Creepy Pasta Time!

Tell all of your Creepy Pasta's (scary stories) and read others creations C:

Tags: Scary, Horror, CreepyPasta, Slenderman, Gore

Skull Kids B-tch Private 31 9
Resident Evil: Legacies

Survivors unite.

Tags: Resident Evil, Zombie, J'avo, Survival, Horror

Dante Vex Public 330 21
De Civitate Nocte

Guild for the B/C Shop De Civitate Nocte (Under Construction...)

Tags: Breedables and Changing Pets, Roleplay, De Civitate Nocte, Supernatural, Fantasy

Yorugami Private 790 14
Mystic nightfall Role playing Academy

Training Roleplaying

Tags: Horror, Romance, Fantasy, School, Cosplay

Lady_earth_and_moon Public 7 5
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