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Naruto: A New World (Open & Accepting)

A whole new Naruto World where there are new Kage, Akatsuki, Anbu and Jinchuriki. This is also a place where R.P with your friends or Foe.

Tags: Naruto, Shinobi, Roleplaying, Fighting, Love/Romance

LegendJeter Public 2,278 56
Naruto: Future Generation, A Naruto Role Playing Guild

A next generation Naruto role play. This rp start's 50 years after the fourth ninja war.

Tags: Naruto, Role Playing, Ninja, Jutsu, Anime

Lord_Hetigo Private 7,471 7
The Passion Within a Naruto Rp

Tags: Naruto, Roleplay, Ninja, Academy, Awesome

Deel-Dough Public 1,627 39
Naruto: The Prime Evils (UC)

A literate RPing guild designed to form a setting around Naruto, with an original storyline that is legit. Your patience is rewarded.

Tags: naruto, power, ninja, shinobi, role play

The Reticent Harlequin Private 16,379 9
Making Our Comeback - Naruto RP

An intense Naruto Role Play for everyone to join and have fun. Many plots and jutsus can be learned

Tags: Naruto, Roll, Play, rollplay

ishippuden sasuke Private 12,799 1
The Anbu Black Ops Station

We need the strongest Anbus here

Tags: black ops, anbu black ops, ninjas, assassins, hokages

Seedoub1eyou Public 19 11
The Great Ninja War - A Naruto RP

A guild for those seeking action adventure and a little love

Tags: Sharingan, Naruto, Akatsuki, Tailed beast, Leaf Village

Twisted Tamashi Public 4,039 43
Nαʀυтo/Bʟeαcн: Στеʀηαʟ Rɪѵαʟs

The Naruto verse meets the Bleach verse, A war has broke out... Which side will you choose?

Tags: Roleplay, Love/Romance, Shinobi/Soulreaper, Battle/War

Ramisiku Private 1,532 13
Naruto: Tales of the Shinobi

Tags: Naruto, Jinchirdiki, Akatsuki, Ambu

Demon Princess Nyan Public 225 9
Naruto: Waves of Shadow

A roleplaying guild based off of the Naruto genre.

Tags: Naruto, roleplaying, ninja, semi lit, freedom

Laram Knight Private 13 1
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