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--Devious Times--

A literate Harry Potter role playing guild. Open and accepting as of 6/27/10

Tags: Harry Potter, Hogwarts, Literate, Gryffindor, Character Building

Tao-Benshin Private 2,404 17
The world dionnebuchan Public 170 33
Hoggy Warty Hogwarts

A Harry Potter Guild where you can live the magic.

Tags: harry potter, death eaters, Magic, role playing, hogwarts

Dryscoll Public 8,765 153
Harry Potter and Hogwarts

A rpg where people come to have fun and "not" have wizard duals

Tags: Harry Potter, Hogwarts, Witchcraft, Wizardry, Hogsmeade

Xx Brackenclaw xX Private 243 5
Salem Witches Institute

The American Magical Institute, associated with Hogwarts, Closed but accepting

Tags: Harry Potter, J.K Rowling, Witchcraft, Wizardry, Salem

Akureikami Public 434 6
Fawkes International Academy [Harry Potter RP Guild O/A]

Harry and co. have started a school for magical students around the world! New term; accepting students and instructors!!

Tags: Harry Potter, Fawkes, Roleplay, School, Magic

Thalassa Promise Public 409 12
The Creative Minds

A RP Guild For People Who Love To RP.

Tags: Role Play, Creative, Imagine

Alliecat298 Public 59 14
Roleplaying Harry Potter

You get to live life like Harry potter and the others

Tags: Roleplaying, Wizards, School, Spells, Potter

xRealityCheck Public 54 14
Harry Potter Roleplayers

a place to roleplay in Harry Poter's world!

Tags: Harry Poter, Hogwarts, Magic

Daedal-Dame Private 124 9
魔法の城 Mahou no Shiro

Private RP group.

Catelyne Private 11 3
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