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Kingdom Hearts: Waking Rebirth

A literate Role Playing Guild based off of Kigndom Hearts:

Tags: Kingdom Hearts, Role Play, Keyblades, Heartless, Square Enix

Tsumuro Private 19,835 97
Keyblade Legends Reaper Tashino Private 199 15
Epic Roleplay Time!

Join up! We have a variety of roleplays for everyone! All different all unique, for everyone, and anyone :)

Tags: Naruto, Rosario+Vampire, Inuyasha, neko, mythical

DarkWitch5505 Public 15,522 186
Kingdom Hearts: The Great Keyblade War

Choose your side and fight for the fate of Kingdom Hearts

Tags: Kingdom Hearts, Keyblade, Keyblade War, Heartless, Light and Dark

L Lawliett XIII Private 439 8
Kingdom Hearts: Sacred Hearts {OPEN}

A group has found an ancient codex describing a legend known as the Heart of Darkness. Will they make this legend reality or stay a legend?

Tags: Kingdom Hearts, Mickey, Sora, Keyblade, Kingdom Hearts: Sacred Hearts

fireheart0504 Public 90 1
~The Wielders of Destiny~

Kingdom Hearts!

Tags: Kingdom Hearts, Manga, Music, Role Playing, Gaming

- GruleOfsen - Public 4 19
Kingdom Hearts X The New Generation

Tags: Kingdom Hearts, Sora, Role-Play, Mickey, Riku

SwaydeAssassinZer0 Public 3 1

Family ,Zomging crews

Tags: Role Play, Family, Games, Public, Free

Bekkachu Public 40 14
Kingdom Hearts: The End [CLOSED]

The Heartless, Nobodies, and Unversed have formed together. Only the new Keybladers are able to stop them.

Tags: Kingdom Hearts, The End

Angel of Hollowness Public 286 4
Kingdom Hearts: Awakening [Closed Until Further Notice]

A Kingdom Hearts role-play that takes place modern day.

Tags: Kingdom Hearts

Angel of Hollowness Private 360 19
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