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Kingdom Hearts~Endless Circle

A sequel to the original Kingdom hearts games. A new era begins...

Tags: kingdom, hearts, sequel, endless, circle

Nyxira Public 10,163 14
Kingdom Heart's ~ The Lost Keyblade's

This takes place after the games. The keyblade's have chosen new people, and now the heartless are back!

Tags: Kingdom Hearts, heartless, keyblade, Organization XIII, Sora

SkaterBlondeDude Public 1,649 57
A Paramore Guild

Paramore Guild

Tags: Paramore, band, music, Fans, awesome

helsinki_666 Private 73 41
Kingdom Hearts: Realms Collide RP

Years have passed and the Nobodies/Keyblade Masters/Heartless have all vanished but in the hearts of the young they rise again.

Tags: Kingdom, Hearts, Realms, Collide, KHRC

Hyate Nakajima Public 64 1
Kingdom Hearts ::Next Generation::

A brand new generation of keyblade masters has arrived. It's our turn now.

Tags: Kingdom, Hearts, Keyblade, Role play, Generation

XxLeila0502 Public 315 27
Kingdom Hearts: Broken Path of Dreams

This is for Kh fans. You may rp Kh here.

Tags: Kingdom Hearts, Nobodies, Heartless, Roleplaying, Keyblade

Crimson_Insanity5 Public 1,487 17
Kingdom Hearts: Light's Time of Need

Years after Sora's death, the light startedto fade away rapidly. It soon took over, and now, the warriors of light are forced to go into hid

Tags: Kingdom Hearts, Role Play, Time, Hope, Order

MegadudeX13 Public 3,198 24
Kingdom Hearts - Where Nobodies Rule

The Nobodies have returned with a new leader... but will they survive?

Tags: Organization XIII, Nobodies, Heartless, Unversed, Kingdom Hearts

DemyxLoverVI Public 4 2
Whats Left Behind: Kingdom Hearts Roleplay Guild

Tags: Whats, Left, Behind, Kingdom, Hearts

Samuel Alexander Public 45 1
Darkness of the Unknown

The Unversed have come back and the Heartless are at war with the Nobodies. Can the worlds be saved in time?

Tags: Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Literate, Anime, Square Enix

Snow-Winter Wolf Public 25 2
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