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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Lolli's and Bulls special hideout

Uhm...Pretty self explanatory?

Tags: Breedables, Writings, Lolli, Bull, Roleplay

bullterrierlove Private 463 5
The After Party [TAP]

After parties -- beating real parties like a baws!

Tags: Friendly, party, roleplays, games, after

The Dark Closet Rebellion Public 45,492 509

A group of people striving for the perfect synergy.

Tags: Friends, Gaming, Hangout, Relaxed

Epic Endeavour Public 255 31
The Wings Convention Ryobunny-Wings-Convention Public 2 18
{ ❥ Sugar Café }

A sweet hangout that's all about fun, art, and more! c:

Tags: Arts, Desserts, Sugar, Cute, Quests

Meelei Private 369 4
I hart anime

this Guild is where fans of any anime can chat, RPG, and host contests

Tags: Anime, Lover

FluffyAngel126 Public 1,106 55
Mare Serenitatis

a Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon hang-out

Tags: Sailor Moon, anime, manga, otaku hangout

Gizen-Hime Public 33 4
The Kawaii Krew

A hangout thread for everyone

Tags: Hangout, Pistols, Parasols, Cool, Kawaii

Kawaii Krew Mule Public 39 19
Neo Otaku: A Liberal Artist Hangout

This is a Guild for artist. Whether your media is words or pictures, all is welcome here. Art appreciators are also welcome!

Tags: Fan Fiction, Literature, Anime, Pictures, Otaku

Two_Bells_to_Ring Private 14 11
The Ancient Demons of Ashikoru

a guild for people who are interested in roleplay with demons/humans or want to make friends

Tags: roleplay, demons/humans, Hangout

-I- Luna Kensam -I - Public 4 4
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