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~The Syndicate~

A Guild For the Best RPers

Tags: Roleplaying, writing, group, humor, misc

Bradley_Nephilim Private 225 10
♫♪The GazettE Fan Club! (SIXTH GUN☠)♫♪

Where all Sixth Guns unite~ ヾ(*º ∇ º)ノ♡

Tags: #GazettE, #GAZEROCK IS NOT DEAD, #Jrock, #Japanese, #Aoi #Reita #Uruha #Kai #Ruki

SUGOIREN Public 1,365 180

A Guild dedicated to, Sword Art Online

Tags: Roleplay, Magic, Fantasy, MMORPG, Comedy

VampireKnight147 Public 1,762 8
ℱang VϨ ℱang

Fang verses Fang. A NEW Were-wolf, Vampire, slayer role-play guild for the dark and feral at heart.

Tags: slayer, fang, battle, wolf, vampire

Ikurmo Private 1,140 8
Riadawn Town RP

Help this town from danger.

Tags: Group RP, Romance, Town, Medieval, Supernatural

lXl Tempus Temporis lXl Private 523 3
Kunaria-Two Worlds Collide

An rp guild in which modern technology clashes with swords and magic! Nearly all supernatural creatures are welcome.

Tags: roleplay, adventure, romance, medieval, military

Raiku Taka Public 1,277 10
Warriors of the Wasteland

Victory is not determined by those who have fallen in battle, Victory is determined by those who can live on.

Tags: Roleplaying, Adventure, Exploration, Fantasy, Recruiting

Michael Heartstream Private 123 4
Persona 3: Shadows [O/A]

Nyx was sealed many years ago. However, shadows have begun to spring up again. New shadows now live, and the seal was found to be broken.

Tags: Persona 3, Gaming, Roleplay, Action, Romance

SpazzticPanda1311 Public 197 11
Ashes of a Nation: Part One

Divided, there is little we can do for we dare not meet a powerful challenge at odds and split asunder.

Tags: Survival, Apocalypse, Collapse, Nations, Disaster

Losseth Public 100 9
G.I. Joe vs. Cobra Command

The war has contiued for years now it's your time to choose a side and fight for what you believe.

Tags: G.I. Joe, Army, Cobra

Master Icefyre Public 7 5
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