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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
CDs Enchanting Multipurpose Guild

A fun, relaxed place for everything your Gaian heart might desire. ^_^

Tags: Roleplay, Games, Chat, Advice, Literate

Alykia Private 9,891 30
Elyris ~ The Prophecy of Harmony !ACCEPTING MEMBERS!

For semi-to-full literates ONLY.

Tags: Fantasy, Military, Roleplaying, Kingdom, Medieval

EsperJay Private 2,435 3
Bad Influence: A Literate Roleplaying Guild

A guild for dedicated role-players looking for an escape from the mundane and average.

Tags: bad influence, literate, roleplaying, fantasy, adventure

PrincessMaharea Private 2,463 24
Soul Masters

Tags: Roleplaying, Anime, Demons

Tetsuna Kuroyami Public 486 11
Splicers U/C

where dose one learn the most? a place they feel accepted, and cared for.

Tags: furrys, future, school, gangs, other

JehovahTheWolf Public 17 1
Army Ants

Army Ants is a organization that give ever voice id and then all vote on it. then work to the goal as organization

Tags: organization, help each other, growing, can roleplay, do lot more thing

Eternity Marvel Comics Public 4 4
The Transcending Guild for Literate Role Players

A Roleplaying Guild for Literate Roleplayers.

Tags: Literate, Roleplay, Fantasy, Magic, Final

X_Simply-Perfect_X Private 12,364 71
Laffettian Rp

Everything everywhere....in relation to here and now and never.

Tags: everything, legends, multiverse, warfare, fluffy kitties

laffett Private 1,398 33
Kings of a Reality

Tags: role playing, writing, Killian, Demi-God, Funsicle

Merle Blakeney Private 1,273 14

Tags: Literate, Drama, Slice of Life, New York, Real Life

censorship S U C K S Public 523 61
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