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The Kingdom Hearts Adventures!

A guild dedicated to your Kingdom Hearts needs!

Tags: Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts 2, Kingdom Heart RE:Com, Kingdom Hearts: FM, KH: BirthbySleep 358/2

Hunni Bunches of Lucien Public 130 29

Tags: Entertainment, Contests, Friendships, Connections, Discussion

thetoastercaper Public 1,105 121
Gothic lolita, Goth, and Emo Cathedral Elemental guardian Zaria Public 1,586 255
The Psych Ward SkittlesofDoom Public 3,155 78
Emo Central

A guild for Emos, Goths, Scene kids, and the Likes

Tags: Emos, Goths, Scene, The Likes

Yoru Inugami Public 2,300 31
Putting holes in happiness.(Marilyn Manson.)

For we are the nobodies.

Tags: Marilyn, Goth, Marilyn Manson, Shock rock, Gore

Demonica Kira Public 341 29
GOld And games and PRIzES!!!

Free GOld and Games

Tags: Staff, High-ranked member, Member, Rookie, Beginer

Raaindrops Public 12 2
i forgot the name of this guild

anything(mostly) and everything(mostly again)

Tags: anime, manga, weird, random, goth,emo

canadianwirdo Private 937 15
The World Of Goths and Emos

Role Play Guild Please Join

Tags: The Goths, The Emos, School, World, Town

goddessofmoon-swaya Public 30 11
Orlok's Academy for Gifted Students

New scholarship students to this elite school will be surprised to find that their classmates are a little 'different'.

Tags: Supernatural, School, Literate, Original

Saint Crash Public 12 5
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