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Emo community

a place where not only emo's come...we have goths and people who call themselfs just normal. join today

Tags: ART,POETRY,, games,role play,zomg, chat,GOLD!!!, emo,goth,normal, movies,music,EVERYTHING!!

Shayla_eats_you_rawr O_O Public 214 136
Breaking Dawn High

Come Find Out, We don't bite!

Tags: Romance, Love, Non Anime, Academy, Role Playing

xXx Forever_Black xXx Public 309 11
Big Wolf on Campus

A fan guild for Big Wolf on Campus.

Tags: television, big wolf on campus, supernatural, werewolf, goth

Daemon Dreadful Public 3 2
Magic Atlanta

Roleplaying Science Fiction Shapeshifters Magic Vampires

Tags: Science Fiction, Roleplaying, Vampires, Shapeshifters, Magic

Petite Omnivore Private 1,418 6
NEW GOTHIC REVOLUTION - Electro/Industrial/EBM/Dark Tech...

NEW GOTHIC REVOLUTION is the guild for lovers of the New Gothic culture and its music

Tags: Gothic, Industrial, Electro, Goth, Noize

Electrosexual-X Private 4 5
The New Romantics

The synthesizer loving scene of the 80's, for lovers of New Wave, Synthpop, Goth music, and related genres.

Tags: new wave, synthpop, goth rock, eighties, music

Apparatjik Public 15 11
United Nation Black Ops- U.N.B.O

A secret and advanced milatary guild that uses future type technology.

Tags: army, guns, kill, gold, military

Kayla Blitz Private 130 7
Dark Angels of The Night

for those who are depressed and stuff

Tags: dark angels, goth, music, punks

DaydreamersCosplay Public 25 5
Seasons of Apples

Welcome to the world of darkness, choose your animal, and your friends wisely.

Tags: Roleplaying, Animals, Forest, Apples, Items

Moonstar Co Public 49 7
BPD ( Borderline Personality Disorder) Awareness Guild

a guild on helping borderline personality

Tags: support, Border personality, help, education, disorders

XxFallen_MoonlightxX Public 6 3
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