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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Politically Incorrect Guild

For anyone who is sick of politically correct effluvium.

Tags: Conservative, Right, Libertarian, Moderate, Unrestricted

Intuet Private 5,266 93
I.L.O.N.K. (International League of Noob Killers)

Tags: non-noob, awesome, cool

MobiusTFM Public 3,801 371
Emo,Goth,Punk guild

A guild for Anime,Goths,Emo's,Punk's

Tags: emo guild, punk guild, goth guild

xoxoxo_death_xoxoxo Public 307 131
The Shounen-Ai and Yaoi Haven

All things YAOI!!!!!

Tags: yaoi, role play, haven, anime, manga

Parallel Effect Private 16,009 192
Angel's School of Darkness

this is a school for kids who have a dark power and want to control it.

Tags: dark, magic, RolePlaying, love, fighting

XxFallen_MoonlightxX Public 227 13

Another "Make Your Own Story" Guild of Nightwalkers.

Tags: Nightwalkers, Evil, Creatures, Zardcondegills, Alien

x_ii_kitten_ii_x Public 11 12
Invader Zim: Final Plan

Zim doesnt want to destroy Earth anymore though the Tallest think different.

Tags: Roleplay, Invader Zim, Irken, Sir Unit, The Tallest

xXx_Sparkling Black_xXx Public 1,002 2
The Band of Misfits.

For misfits, emos, goths, and scenes to come together and be themselves.

Tags: Emos, Goth, Misfits, Scene

sexy emo angel 15 Public 3 5
Salazen Grum Academy

An academy for the exceptional.

Tags: Alice, Wonderland, Looking Glass, Roleplay

Xyza DeSpades Public 4 1
emo wolf pack

weird fun crazy and out going guild

Tags: wolf, emos, punk, cool, life

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