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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
-+-Gothic Gaians-+- Caffiene Faggot Private 35,096 244
Loli Dollies' Vanilla Entourage (lolita)

Tags: lolita, gothic, fashion, japan, victorian

Nefarious Vile Private 23,172 983
The Official gull Guild

the official gull guild

Tags: anime, goth, naruto, scene, boobs

gull Private 25 3
Cyber Nexus Void

A Guild for those Cyber Goths and Cyber punks out there looking to meet each other

Tags: cyber, goth, punk, metal, dark

Neon Violentte Private 2,169 114
THE PURE blood Vampire family

lords of the vampire kingdom and world

Tags: vampire, royal army, Goth, power hungry, friend loving

The Star Sirius Public 373 54
This Nightmare of Mine

Escape the lables of everyday life and join our family.

Tags: emos, goth, poetry, dark, nightmare

Faceless Emotions Public 40 14
Cyber Goth Hangout

Doesn't matter if you're one or a mixture. You're all welcome

Tags: Cyber, Goth, Hangout, Lolita

The Devils Absolution Public 4 2
The Creative Minds

A RP Guild For People Who Love To RP.

Tags: Role Play, Creative, Imagine

Alliecat298 Public 59 14
Lost Woods Hospital

This guild is to discuss what everyone else shrugs away.

Tags: Madness, Hate, Insanity, Soulless

Zexion4 Private 4 2
Canadian Lolita

A group focusing on Lolita residing in Canada.

Tags: Lolita, Canada, Japan, Fashion, Goth

NoChansey Private 6 1
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