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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Black Rose Society

We all live together, strange or not.

Tags: RolePlay, BlackRose, Occult, Vampire, Werewolves

X-Zyanya-Nizhoni-x Public 1,740 35
Evil Emos

emo/goth/other dark gathering place

Anna Ashe Public 974 440
Brutal Children

Anybody who is into Heavy metal or rock or any other genres like that is welcome. There isn't any such thing as too loud of music

Tags: heavy metal/rock, goth, emo, DISTURBED, video games, roleplay

death eater_111 Public 1,021 203
The Curiosity Shop

A Home For the Strange and Open Minded

Tags: Surreal, Goth, New Age, Weird, Spooky

xShe Dreams Fiction Private 105 27
THE PURE blood Vampire family

lords of the vampire kingdom and world

Tags: vampire, royal army, Goth, power hungry, friend loving

The Star Sirius Public 373 54
make 10k to 40k everyday!

if u join this club, then the more u donate, the more u earn!

Tags: rich, gold, awseome, dream avi, goth

emo anime808 Public 680 1,251
℘αş†ℯℓ ღ ℘αrα∂ίşℯ

Pastel Paradise is for everything Pastel Goth, Kawaii related & more!

Tags: Pastel, Kawaii, Goth, Artwork, Life

Elrivena Private 6 3
Dark and social, Respected

You are dark or goth or even emo. here u are respected

Tags: Emos, Social, Goth, Dark, Evil

John Lipke Public 56 27
Group 7™

Imagine. Develop. Create.

Tags: Characters, Friends, Military, Vehicles, Planets

Vahlen Kerberos Private 21 11
Canadian Lolita

A group focusing on Lolita residing in Canada.

Tags: Lolita, Canada, Japan, Fashion, Goth

NoChansey Private 6 1
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