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Results for "Goth"

Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Anti-Emo Guild tetrasmaster Private 8,813 314
The Rockabilly and Psychobilly Guild!

Tags: Psychobilly, Rockabilly

Leveller Public 2,080 177
The Emo Kidz

The home to emo, where you will not be critisized on how you dress or how you act.

Xx_My_Own_Fallen_Wish_xX Public 616 139
Magica Gothique

For those of Goth and Wiccan and/or Pagan Culture. Always looking for new members!

Tags: Goth, Wicca, Pagan, Occult, New Age

Strange Ink Private 6,071 286
His Name Was Roger Painter ( A Rozz Williams Guild)

a guild for the most amazing artist out there and a dedication Guild to his life

Tags: rozz, darkwave, goth, deathrock, music

Bloody Dead and Sexy Public 129 25
BLACK WATER (Private Security Contracting Services)

Providing security Services for Gaia

Tags: guns, gaia, gold, military, money

FifthofJackD Public 13 9
F.R.O.G:Future Role-players Of Gaia

A guild for roleplaying, art shows, and fanfic displays

Tags: Okami-bozu, Role-playing, Fanfics, Art shows, Anime

Okami-bozu Private 31 9
Fallen Star High

Welcome to the school

Tags: Fallen Star, Academy, Romance, Love, Non Anime

xXx Forever_Black xXx Public 55 5
Veteran Misfits of Gaia - VMG

A twisted, surreal and often scary place where fellow oddballs can reminisce about the better years.

Tags: veteran, goth, punk, roleplaying, books

Paper Mache Dollfie Public 457 10
Rosemary Orphanage [Under Construction]

A roleplay orphanage~

Tags: Orphanage, Role play, Romance, Emo/punk/goth, etc, Preppy, Hipster, jock, etc.

asdfghjklnooo Public 23 7
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