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Goteijūsantai - 13 Division Imperial Guards

Bleach: Gotei thirteen Roleplay guild.

Tags: Bleach, Gotei, Soul, Society, Shinigami

RayeIon Public 1,862 46
Bleach: Worlds Divide

This Guild is stricty a Roleplay and Cosplay Guild.

Tags: Bleach, Roleplay, Anime, Manga, Literate

Kasumi Jaegerjaquez Public 2,593 74
Bleach:Turn Back the Pendulum

Bleach Turn Back the Pendulum features a large amount of the Races from the Original Anime. This Guild is Under Construction!

Tags: Bleach, Gotei, Thirteen, Pendulum, Roleplay

iTushie Public 503 29
Bleach: The 14th Squad, Through Hell and Back

This is an Alternate Universe literate Bleach RP.

Tags: Bleach, Original, Literate, Fourteenth, Squad

Shidobu Cloud Private 5,483 19
Bleach Chaos LeaderCrusade Public 8,951 25
Dokutoku no Seikai - A Unique World

A roleplay based on the series, BLEACH. Current Storyline: The Shattered Hougyoku; Gotei's Resurrection

Tags: Alternate Universe, Gotei 13, Bleach, anime, manga

skorozima Private 9,523 12
RPSF: Conflict Is Rising (Bleach RP)


Tags: Bleach, Roleplaying, Literate

Liver-kun Private 5,396 18
The Missing "14th"

The missing "14th" is a infamous squad of Soul Reapers that were banished from the Soul Society for reasons unknown

Tags: Bleach, Shinigami, Soulreaper, Vizards

Mister RidicuIous Public 1,061 28
The Insane Army

If your insane/not normal/ecentric/etc, Join us!

Tags: anime, bleach, insane, fan club, making friends

Kuolemata Public 9 2
Bleach - Shattered in Words

A guild for Bleach Lovers and Rp players

Tags: Bleach, Soul Socity, Role Play, Soul Reapers

Dark Sprites Public 4 2
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