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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Bleach: Protectors Put to the Test

A Literate Bleach Guild

Tags: Bleach, Literate, Activity, Protectors, Common Sense

Consoa Public 3,771 29
Bleach: The 14th Squad, Through Hell and Back

This is an Alternate Universe literate Bleach RP.

Tags: Bleach, Original, Literate, Fourteenth, Squad

Shidobu Cloud Private 5,483 19
Bleach Chaos LeaderCrusade Public 8,951 25
Reverse Gotei 13 KyumiSage Public 625 1
The Insane Army

If your insane/not normal/ecentric/etc, Join us!

Tags: anime, bleach, insane, fan club, making friends

Kuolemata Public 9 2
A Bleach RP: The Story of Destiny Begins

The battle may be over but the war is just beginning. Aizen Sousuke isn't going stop here. [RECRUITING]

Tags: Bleach RP, Shinigami, Arrancar, Vizard, Aizen Sosuke

Geek Tails Private 942 7
Bleach: Worlds Divide

This Guild is stricty a Roleplay and Cosplay Guild.

Tags: Bleach, Roleplay, Anime, Manga, Literate

Kasumi Jaegerjaquez Public 2,593 74
The Gotei Thirteen

Tags: Thirteen, Gotei, Bleach, Captains, Court

xXxNovasArchAngelxXx Public 138 47
Bleach:Turn Back the Pendulum

Bleach Turn Back the Pendulum features a large amount of the Races from the Original Anime. This Guild is Under Construction!

Tags: Bleach, Gotei, Thirteen, Pendulum, Roleplay

iTushie Public 503 29
Bleach:Gotei 13 Revision

A Free Story Based Bleach Guild Where you create your own dream, legend and character, your sword powers, your race and abilities included.

Tags: Bleach, Soul Society, Shinigami, Gotei 13, Espada

Matsuo The Death Dealer Public 1,062 37
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