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Bleach: Tenbatsu Okkochiru™

A Bleach Rp

Tags: Humans, Shinigamis/Soul Reapers, Hollows, Quincys, Bounts,Vizards,Arrancars

X_Kurosaki Isshin_X Public 4,609 54
Bleach Universe: Eternity [First Arc] (Recruiting!)

Join in the action of the Universe. The Guild offers intense roleplay, Romance for the romantics. Insane fights, And a good storyline.

Tags: Gotei 13, Soul Reaper, Arrancar, Vizard, Shinigami

Akito Immelman Private 15,816 17
Bleach: A Casual Sonata

A fully casual, semi-literate, role-playing environment for fans of bleach.

Tags: Bleach, Roleplaying, Casual, Semi-literate, Original Character

Mirouni Private 468 2
Arrancar_666 Reiji Moritsugu Public 11 6
--Bleach:: Pandemonium [RP Guild]--

A literate roleplay based on the series, Bleach. Kick ass! Join Today!

Tags: Bleach, Literate, Roleplay, Pandemonium

Deathgod Kuro Kihaku Private 16,441 93
The Shinigami Academy: Aftershock [on hiatus]

Scientia potentia est: Knowledge is power

Tags: bleach, aftershock, shinigami academy, literate, role-play

BadAyka Public 3,450 49
Gotei 13 (護廷十三隊, Goteijūsantai, 13 Division Imperial Guards)

Bleach Guild for all

Tags: bleach, anime, samurai, zomg, Espada

Tsubaki Mizuru Private 381 1
Bleach: Dark Wars

The Bleach rp where you can be who you want.

Tags: Bleach, Fighting, Arrancar, Vizard

Anah_sim Public 286 12
Bleach: Silent Blood

Sereitei is covered in blood. A single living body can be found in the center of the battlefield..This is where your adventure begins!

Tags: Bleach, Role-Playing, Shinigami, Gotei 13, Soul Society

Ketsueki Kaicho Public 925 21
~+:†Soul Society†:+~

An RPing guild from the anime Bleach.

Tags: Bleach, Anime, Fighting, Fiction, Mith

iiBatBoy-x Public 13 8
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