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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Bleach: Monochrome Hearts

Tags: bleach, roleplay, monochrome, gotei 13, ichigo

p o i s o n o u s lies Public 2 1
Bleach: The Gotei 13 Reborn

Semi-Literate Bleach Role Play U/C

Tags: Anime, Bleach, Arrancar, Shinigami, Espada

WPLeatherWood2316 Public 18,340 28
Bleach: A Warriors Redemption

Tags: Vizards, Arrancar, Espada, Shinigami, Bleach

popularbeliefs Public 153 44
Bleach: Deception

The peace is again threatened as the Arrancar seek to release Sosuke Aizen. !Captain and Espada seats still open.!

Tags: Bleach, Literate, Roleplay, Anime, Manga

Caelum Tsukiyo Private 7,443 20
Bleach: Souls Of Fire (Open)

Literate to Semi-Literate Bleach Role Playing Guild

Tags: Bleach, Hollows, Soul Reapers, Espada, Ichigo

Sakura Tanaka Public 703 32
Kori No Tamashi mansion

a Gotei Elite Subsection for the Kori No Tamashi family

Tags: Bleach, Gotei, Elite, Kori no Tamashi, Role play

Allegra Kori no Tamashi Public 136 8
零The Zero Division: The Official Hitsugaya & Karin Fan Guild

Do you love the Hitsugaya & Karin pairing?Love RPing?Then the Zero Division: HitsuKarin is for you! Officers positions now open!

Tags: Official Bleach, Toshiro Hitsugaya, Karin Kurosaki, Gotei 13, Role Playing

Kera-Taicho Public 27 10
-l- Bleach:Rise of Vizards -l-captains/vizards/espada needed

A bleach guild that takes place 150 years after the anime but isnt limited to just the story

Tags: Bleach, Espada, Shinigami, Action, Romance

III Kushina Namikaze III Private 274 12
Bleach: Gotei 13 Tsugi Sedai

a bleach Rp guild

Tags: Bleach, gotei13, arrancar, vizard, role playing

Amatsu_Sasayaki Public 183 6
Bleach: The Aftermath [O/A]

Bleach Rp

Tags: Bleach, Zanpaktou, Bankai, Roleplay, Accepting

Nitachi Kitashi Public 595 5
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