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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Assassin's Creed 2 (Where everyone can be an assassin)

Unleash your inner assassin! Kill anyone and anything in your path!

Tags: Assassin, Death, Creed, Freedom, Killer

Lord Jeremeo Atlantica Public 658 322
Malaysia Crew

The Future Of World .

Tags: malaysia, wakaka crew, Guild, Malay, Asian

WTFO Public 2,043 193
❤ American Horror Story ❤

Bassically we discuss the show, characters, now episodes, old episodes and more!

Tags: Asylum, American Horror Story, Kit Walker, TV Show FX

barbaloot Public 75 38
Ⓣhe Ⓢpecific Ⓘtem Ⓒharity

An item a week, thats how we donate!

Tags: charity, specific, item, donations, applications

iFizafrin Public 2,887 99
Free Items Right now!!!!Get them while they last

Free giveaways

Tags: Gold, Items, Giveaways, Free

Don Platinum Private 61 374
Easy 1mil

Tags: Gold/Items, Contest, Donations, Give aways

penetrations Public 789 750
The Panda Kingdom

ʕ• ᴥ •ʔ RolePlay, events, furries, support, and friends! ʕ• ᴥ •ʔ

Tags: panda, avatar, contests, furries, role-play

Sai the Puppet Master Public 60 22
Rubies and Diamonds -(A Roleplaying Guild)-

A guild for roleplaying, socializing, getting gold, and meeting new people.

Tags: gold, roleplay, characters, roleplaying, friends

InvertedCr0sses Public 2,407 36
Freebies Gaia

You want to win prizes in gold and/or items by just posting

Tags: free, gold, item, freebies, winners

sunny_24 Public 254 12
Alli's Charity Guild!

Giving presents and gold to gaian's in need!

Tags: Charity, Free, Gold, Items, Contests

Alli the Elf Public 3 1
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