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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Assassin's Creed 2 (Where everyone can be an assassin)

Unleash your inner assassin! Kill anyone and anything in your path!

Tags: Assassin, Death, Creed, Freedom, Killer

Lord Jeremeo Atlantica Public 658 323
Easy 1mil

Tags: Gold/Items, Contest, Donations, Give aways

penetrations Public 789 754
Angel's Charity

Giving gold and items to gaians in need

Tags: Charity, Quests, Free, Gold, Items

Alli the Elf Public 3,465 154
Ⓣhe Ⓢpecific Ⓘtem Ⓒharity

An item a week, thats how we donate!

Tags: charity, specific, item, donations, applications

iFizafrin Public 2,887 104
Gaia Online Police Department (GOPD)

This police department is only the best of the best keeping Gaiaonline safe from all criminals. You do need the required uniform to join.

Tags: GOPD, Police, Department, Cops, the law

Specter Alpha Public 1,470 96
Free Items Right now!!!!Get them while they last

Free giveaways

Tags: Gold, Items, Giveaways, Free

Don Platinum Private 61 372
❤ American Horror Story ❤

Bassically we discuss the show, characters, now episodes, old episodes and more!

Tags: Asylum, American Horror Story, Kit Walker, TV Show FX

barbaloot Public 73 39

This guild gives gold away everyday

Tags: donate, free gold, free items, donate gold, items

XxImma_Sexy_BeastxX Public 20 60
Freebies Gaia

You want to win prizes in gold and/or items by just posting

Tags: free, gold, item, freebies, winners

sunny_24 Public 254 12
Alli's Charity Guild!

Giving presents and gold to gaian's in need!

Tags: Charity, Free, Gold, Items, Contests

Alli the Elf Public 3 1
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