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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members

Griffin B/C Guild

Tags: Griffin, Talon, Legend, Role play

Skybound Griffin Public 2,017 76

The world is crumbling in on itself, almost 3/4 of the human population is dead, and your the only ones that can save us

Tags: Bastion, roleplay, Earth, Journey, Life

Blood_Moon san Public 211 18
Kingdom of Dal'Forge

Tags: Roleplay, Kingdom, Dal'Forge, Fantasy

ZyloGhost Public 114 17
Official Guild For Californian's

California is the most populous state in the United States.

Tags: California, Weather Economy Government Population Ed, Los Angelos San Diego San Francisco, San Jose Vallejo Oakland Berkely Valley, California Gold Rush

Kiid Tokyo Public 113 146
Bleach~The academy

A gulid for bleach lovers.

Tags: School, outside of school, soul society, forest

Tenten1568 Public 1,554 41
Vanity's Mirror: The ☪hronicles of the Gods

A New World with Gods and Goddess

Tags: Goddess, Monster, Battle, Blood, fantasy

The Red Libra Private 4,143 66
Noroi Forest {Enchanted Forest RP}

An RPing guild

Tags: Enchanted, Forest, Animal, Powers

0PorcelainHeart0 Public 962 10
Warriors of the Wasteland

Victory is not determined by those who have fallen in battle, Victory is determined by those who can live on.

Tags: Roleplaying, Adventure, Exploration, Fantasy, Recruiting

Michael Heartstream Private 123 4
Wolves: The Forest of Astai(open and accepting)

The pack of Astai Forest has always known peace and have grown cocky. Their way of life hangs in the balance as it takes it toll.

Tags: Wolf, Stardust, wolves, animal, battle

Kittykittkitt13 Private 472 15
Gessyokugakure No Sato

A Naruto rp guild - Village hidden under the lunar eclipse - new members always welcome!

Tags: Naruto, Roleplay, Gessyokugakure, Anime, Ninjas

Geartech12 Public 12 2
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