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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
TMNT Guild, The Official Dedication to Our Ninja Heroes

A place to discuss all things related to Ninja Turtles

Tags: Turtles, Ninja, Mutant, Leonardo, Raphael

Leonardo Mystic Private 33,842 311
David`s Booty Grab Guild

Tanks, Tips, Q&A related to Aquarium Items, Fish and Booty Grab

Tags: booty, gold, high trigger, aquarium, fish

David2074 Public 2,315 1,170
Booty Call! A Booty Grab Guild

A Booty Grab guild for EVERYONE!

Tags: booty grab, booty, grab, aquarium, aquarium fish

Vanillasoybean Public 5,370 1,202
The Cats Prey Glowing Guild (the Guild)

Just A Quick Place To Prey On GLowing Tanks

Tags: Fish, Bump, Gold, quick, Cats

Creative Neko Chan Public 628 65
Atlantis Academy

An underwater academy for all creatures strange and mystical

Tags: roleplay, school, academy, semi-literate, atlantis

ISkarletI Private 601 17
Land of Era

A guild for Assassin, Bandits, Slave, Masters and much much more

Tags: Fantasy, Bandits, Assassin, master, slave

killme24 Private 3,401 29
Skys and Rushing waters.

Tags: Erin Hunter, Warriors, Cats, role playing

Mermaid Banana Public 375 18
Demon Mafia

We are the greatest of the Gaia community. We fish until our fingers fall off and our rods decay!

Tags: fishing, best, general, friend, demon

Demon Mafia King Public 61 43
Aquarium Society

Society for the promotion and preservation of Gaia Aquariums.

Tags: aquarium, booty grab, gold, help

Marzipan Dream Private 7 1
Signs in the Stars -U/C, Accepting-

Each zodiac represents a soul...can you fulful its destiny?

Tags: Zodiacs, Action, Romance, Planets

One and Only Hero Public 3 5
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