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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Fabulosum Bestiis - School for Mythics

A school for all humanoid mythical creatures.

Tags: school, mythical beings, literate, werewolf, vampire

JasperSethK Public 6,918 88
Wrong End Of The Bat: A Zombie RP Guild ((U//C))

Using your own survival knowledge, can you survive the beginning of the end?

Tags: Zombies, Roleplay, Survival, Under construction

Rangalord Public 24 4
Under The Sea

booty grab guild.

Tags: booty, grab, gold, fish, contest

Zombie_cabaret Private 3,315 113
Class of 06'

Class of 06'

Lynnea_cat Private 867 45
Isle of Berk, Dragon Training

A guild dedicated to HTTYD, and all the people who helped create it.

Tags: DragonS, Dreamworks, Animation, How To Train Your Dragon

Pink Tubby Custard Public 39 7
Pro-Circuit Wrestling

Gaia's #1 Wrestling Promotion

Tags: Wrestling, Role Playing

TheXFactor Public 275 9
Camp DarkWood

A camp for all creautres

Tags: Camp, Roleplay, Creatures, Angel, Demon

The Voice of Time Public 855 12
The Illustrator Chronciles (Open, Accepting as of 8/29/13)

Here, you fight. Your puppets are your weapons. The Strongest survive. Will you newcomer?

Tags: roleplay, pokemon, puppets, control, power

The Anemoi Public 170 10
Gaia Fishing Association

A guild for all those who enjoy fishing, from the hobbyists to the extreme!

Tags: Fishing, Fish, Gaia Games, Gaia Fishing

Southpaws Private 85 43
The city of love and cuteness


Tags: cuteness of awesome, love and romance, eating fish or steak, cats and humans, fun and games

dark_lol1 Public 5 6
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