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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Fishing For Knowledge

A guide guild made for all who are interested in learning everything Gaia.

Tags: Guides, Tips, Shops, Fishing, Chat

FishingKnight Public 176 3
Garbage Patch Kids

A collectors Guild

Tags: garbage, trash, flowers, paper, fish

Google me bro Public 67 14
HMFA: Harvest Moon Fans Anonymous (We're that obsessed.) SakuraMota Private 4,863 551
A G aian Wedding (Closed!)(Valentine Party up)

A G aian Wedding is a Wedding and Party planning buisness, but we also do lots of fun things within the guild, check us out! :D

Tags: Wedding, Party, Bride, Groom, Married

DeSilva Wedding Co Public 555 187
Isle of Moore

On an island surrounded by what seem to be "mirrors", five competitive regions lay. [[RP: Semi-Lit to Lit.]]

Tags: isle of moore, fantasy, life, magic, regions

ghub Public 1,036 36
The Animals and Pets Guild

A place for all animal lovers and pet owners to get together and discuss their passion.

Tags: Dog,Puppies,Cat, Kittens,Birds,Reptiles, Livestock,Friends,Chat, Rodents,Fish,Disscussion

Subliminal Aftermath Private 1,942 537
Among the Zodiacal Signs

The hollow lands of Sephoria...can you rise with a zodiac?

Tags: Zodiac, Signs, Roleplay, Fighting, Romance

Leo the Dreamer Public 188 16
Predator and Prey

RP Guild for Werecreatures

Tags: werwolf, werelion, werepanther, werebear, werebird

XAyame_HatakeX Private 296 10
T3h Gaia's Finest

Just a guild of the finest Gaian's

Tags: Vending, Chill, Exchange, Fishing, Towns

MaRkIe po0h Public 6 3
Warriors: River, Wind, Thunder, and Shadow

Do you have what it takes to be a warrior? Based off the series by Erin Hunter.

Tags: Warriors, Clans, Erin Hunter, Starclan, Omens and Prophecies

darkenangel33 Public 85 5
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