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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
TMNT Guild, The Official Dedication to Our Ninja Heroes

A place to discuss all things related to Ninja Turtles

Tags: Turtles, Ninja, Mutant, Leonardo, Raphael

Leonardo Mystic Private 33,842 311
David`s Booty Grab Guild

Tanks, Tips, Q&A related to Aquarium Items, Fish and Booty Grab

Tags: booty, gold, high trigger, aquarium, fish

David2074 Public 2,315 1,169
Booty Call! A Booty Grab Guild

A Booty Grab guild for EVERYONE!

Tags: booty grab, booty, grab, aquarium, aquarium fish

Vanillasoybean Public 5,370 1,200
F I S H ☠ M A F I A Guild

Additional booty grab thread inside for thread regulars and new tanks of Fish Mafia II members.

Tags: Fish Mafia, Aquariums, Booty Grab, Gold, Contests

F I S H__M A F I A Private 300 147
Into the Different Worlds (O/A)

A guild for role playing filled with many role plays on a variety of topics.

Tags: Warrior Cats, Night World, Aliens, Role Play, Wolves

SnowWolf1118 Private 3,953 9
Skys and Rushing waters.

Tags: Erin Hunter, Warriors, Cats, role playing

Mermaid Banana Public 375 18
The Cats Prey Glowing Guild (the Guild)

Just A Quick Place To Prey On GLowing Tanks

Tags: Fish, Bump, Gold, quick, Cats

Creative Neko Chan Public 628 65
Demon Mafia

We are the greatest of the Gaia community. We fish until our fingers fall off and our rods decay!

Tags: fishing, best, general, friend, demon

Demon Mafia King Public 61 43
Aquarium Society

Society for the promotion and preservation of Gaia Aquariums.

Tags: aquarium, booty grab, gold, help

Marzipan Dream Private 7 1
Signs in the Stars -U/C, Accepting-

Each zodiac represents a soul...can you fulful its destiny?

Tags: Zodiacs, Action, Romance, Planets

One and Only Hero Public 3 5
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