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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Perfect Strangers Guild

There are no such things as strangers, only friends we haven't met yet.

Tags: Bookworms, Heroes, General, strangers, friends

Melisciose22 Public 50,720 245
Into the Different Worlds (O/A)

A guild for role playing filled with many role plays on a variety of topics.

Tags: Warrior Cats, Night World, Aliens, Role Play, Wolves

SnowWolf1118 Private 3,953 9
Master Baiters Fishing Guild [MB]

"Remember dat better bait used at th' right time kin up yer chances of gettin' rare fish. Trust us. We're the master baiters."

Tags: fishing, trophies, rares, baits, rods

6O47 Private 5,122 151
The Four Stones

A high fantasy world that takes place on the continent of Spieriea, where adventures will be had and destinies will be found.

Tags: High Fantasy, Adventure, Conflict, Magic, Roleplay

Tal of Kinglore Public 310 11
Ilmatar Shadow Forest {Closed}

Become a mystical being or creature. Its your choice. And live in a mystic forest.

Tags: Kitsune, Forest, Mystical Beings, Action, Magic

CalamityRises13 Public 778 9
Demon Mafia

We are the greatest of the Gaia community. We fish until our fingers fall off and our rods decay!

Tags: fishing, best, general, friend, demon

Demon Mafia King Public 61 43
Gambino's Island Getaway!

A Hangout/ Headquarters for Gambino lovers.

Tags: Gambino, Island, Pride, Paradise, Towns

-3gwen- Private 279 4
Signs in the Stars -U/C, Accepting-

Each zodiac represents a soul...can you fulful its destiny?

Tags: Zodiacs, Action, Romance, Planets

One and Only Hero Public 3 5
Little Lucy's Turtle Tank

Have a pet Turtle? Terrapin or tortoise, this guild is for people to share photos and ask questions about their pet turtles!

Tags: Turtles, Tortoise, Terrapin, Pets, Animals

Insidious Formality Public 4 1
Feeshie Klub

We go to towns with our Feeshies

Tags: Fish, Fishy, Feeshy, Guppy, Guppie

Honk if Youre Aroused Public 5 5
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