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The Knights Whose Armor Shone

A knights and damsels Role-Play

Tags: Knights, Roleplay, wars, medieval, diplomacy

N0b136 Public 1,363 19
Shelled Regios ADVANCE!! ((U/C))

Chrome, Shelled, Regios, science fiction, fantasy, role play, RP, level up

Tags: Chrome Shelled Regios, Fantasy, Role Play, level, Science fiction

rainshadowdirewolf Public 223 4
The Endless Library

A guild for those who love to read.

Tags: books, reading, bibliophile, library, bookworm

Lunar Kissed Private 12,532 675
The House of Geeks

1x1x1 RP

House Chor Private 2,326 7
Fireworks ((A video game high school RP))

Video Game High School

Tags: crossover, real life, video games

hahley quinn Public 696 8
Marvel: The Eternal Balance (Under Construction)

[Placeholder Summary]

Tags: Marvel, RolePlay, Earth-5299, Multiverse, Science Fiction

TheElfJaxx Public 142 7

For all those mutli fans out there

Tags: Doctor who, Merlin, Fandom, Supernatural, The Walking Dead

psychotic midds Public 12 2
Starry Expanse

A SciFi roleplay inspired by games, movies, etc.

Tags: starbound, science, fiction, starry expanse, space

RosemaryTeatree Private 21 5

For publishing your stories, your way, on you own time!

Tags: Story Writting, Reading, Fan Fiction, Role play

kittykaycee Public 15 16
The Righteous Legion

The futuristic protectors of our homes

Tags: military, roleplay, righteous, legion, kingdom

LCDR Polaris Alpha Private 2 1
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