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~ My Japan 私の日本 ~

A guild for anybody and everybody who loves any aspect about Japan!

Tags: japan, language, anime, fashion, manga

magicalgirlme Private 21,240 746
Sparkle Motion - JULY 2012 - ON SUMMER BREAK

For Socialites, Fashionista's, and the generally Fabulous.

Tags: Beauty, Learning, Fashion, Tutorials, Cooking

Madame Vita Public 4,454 1,258
Interspecies Protection Act

A Monster-Human Roleplay

Tags: Monster, Vampire, Mermaids, Dragons, Werewolves

Kagimaru Jared Private 498 2
Werewolves Anonymous

A guild for the werewolves of Gaia

Tags: werewolves, werewolf, lycan, moon, furry

Hudine Wolfspirit Public 2,632 110


Tags: Steam Punk, Fantasy, Cyber Punk, Dark and Light, Good and Evil

Arcine Public 6,484 36
Gaia's Finest Members

A Guild for the Gaians with exquisite taste for money

Tags: rich, games, prizes, fashion

Edo Tensei Sasori Private 10 20
The Moonlit Palace (OPEN!)

Looking for a Submissive? Dominant? Friend? Family? HOME? Then I welcome you to The Moonlit Palace to find all that you seek.

Tags: Action, Roleplay, Slave and Master, Friends and family, Mature

Prince Caelum Tsukiyo Private 225 14
Ruffles & Lace.

Lolita Fashion discussion and beauty tips

Tags: Fashion, Lolita, Fairy Kei, Decora, Kawaii

Kokoichii Private 50 33
Lana Del Rey

Join if you like anything or everything Lana. No haters allowed

Tags: lanadelrey, music, awesome

ghetto bby Public 54 42
Pᴀsᴛᴇʟ Gᴏᴛʜ Gᴀʟᴀxʏ

Discuss the style, role play, or find friends who share your interest!

Tags: pastel goth, soft grunge, fashion, role play, yaoi, yuri, romance, contests, gold, prizes, quest, giveaways, discussion, polls, games, pyp, art, love, shops, friends

The Virgin Jewel Private 1,156 48
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