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Hannibal Fannibals (Guild)

Hannibal series, Will graham, Alana bloom, and many other enjoyable people we want to express our love for can be praised here

Tags: Hannibal, Will Graham, Hannibal Lecter, Hannibal series, Fannibal

I Hugh Dancy I Public 40 24
The Team Flare Guild

A story about a group of Gaian friends and their adventures in the Naruto universe!

Tags: Roleplay, Naruto, Fanfiction, Team Flare, Ninja

zeldamistoffelees Public 1,032 17
Natural Black Beauty

A guild dedicated to Black Beauty and Black items/hairstyles on Gaia

Tags: African American, Black, Beauty, Racism, Community

Memette Public 49 27
AFF Street

(Asianfanfics Official Guild)

Tags: KPOP, asianfanfics, AFF Street, fanfiction, korean music

Pixellia Public 41 36
Where The Wind Has Carried You Woooosh~


Tags: People, Poetry, Role-playing, everything, anything

alw8701 Public 77 6
Baka to Test FRP

A Fan Roleplay guild in which you create your own Baka to Test character

Angelic Vanga Private 1,443 4
Blue Exorcist FRP

A Fan Roleplay guild in which you create your own Blue Exorcist character

Angelic Vanga Private 1,178 3
Pumpkin Spice Roleplay

A group for roleplayers, whether one-on-one or in a group.

Tags: Fantasy, One-on-one, Fanfiction, Chat, Real-life

Skyisseven Public 45 2
yu yu hakusho an rp guild and hang out

for people who won't let yyh die

Tags: yu yu hakusho, role playing, hang out

Spirit_Girl01 Public 168 23
Legend University

Zelda RPG set at a modern Hylian college

Tags: zelda, hyrule, roleplay, fantasy

DarkJaden825698 Private 36 4
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