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~*Inuyasha United Nations*~

A guild all about inuyasha; a place for fans to chat about the anime, and get to know other fans.

Tags: Inuyasha, Roleplay, Fan Info

aRainbowJunkie Public 5,489 934
~Fallen Fox, Lavender Angel~ A NaruHina Guild =3

The guild for all the Naruhina fans out there!

Tags: Naruhina, Hinata, Naruto, other, pairings

MelodiousBoice Private 3,339 116
Rainbow Senshi Guild

A Fan Fiction Guild for the Rainbow Senshi.

Tags: Rainbow, Senshi, Sailor, Moon, Otaku

RS Sailor Black Moon Public 3,263 64
Roleplaying And Fanfictions Archive

this is a private guild for me and whoever I want to invite

Tags: writing, novel, roleplay, fanfiction

ScoutofMystery Private 2,659 5
The Writers and Role Players Safe Haven

A guild based around those who love to write, and those who love to role play

Tags: Writing, Role Playing, Original Works, Fanfiction, Jolly Co-operation

Edward Grey Public 682 15
After Stories

What could of happened?

Tags: Roleplaying, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Anime, Final Fantasy

KaitaAlexis Public 34 5
Rosemary's Roleplays

This guild was made for a broad spectrum of advanced RP.

Tags: Advanced, Literate, Fanbased, Original, Roleplays

RosemaryTeatree Public 27 2
Kpop fan fictions!!!!

APlace of amazing fanfic!

Tags: Kpop, Fanfiction, Korea, JiJook, Taoris

Kpopkitty12 Public 4 1
Honeybeam Precure

Honeybeam Precure Discussions and Episodes

Tags: Pretty Cure, Role Play, Anime, PreCure, FanFiction

Sirava Public 17 4
Hetalia Fanclub

For fans of Hetalia

Tags: Hetalia

Aura-talia Public 3 3
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