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Oh that reminds me...

General PL Guild, for all your wonderful puzzling needs.

Tags: Professor, Layton, Puzzle, Shota, Legal

Lilon Public 833 38
::;Eminent SasuNaru/ NaruSasu love::;

Read the title (Kind of like, a Slash Paradise)

Tags: SasuNaru, NaruSasu, Naruto, Debates, Discussions

Gamexrocks Public 8,032 1,191
Wonderland and other Wonder lands

A roleplaying and random guild. Mostly roleplaing X3

Tags: Random, Role play, Mooooo, Fan girls, anime

HelicaI Public 1,298 23
Moon Revenge

A guild for all things Sailor Moon, from roleplaying to discussing the manga & anime.

Tags: Sailor, Moon, Roleplay, Manga, Anime

angel allure Private 590 45
Story Knights (RP Central)

A guild dedicated to those who love to make stories, role-play, and have fun doing so.

Tags: Role play, vsgtwelve, apeacefuleternity, rping, fanfiction

VSG12 Public 15,594 21
The Yu-Gi-Oh Yaoi Roleplay Guild

This is a guild for all Yu-Gi-Oh Yaoi fans! Come talk and roleplay with fellow shippers. And don't be afraid to post some fanart and fanfic!

Tags: Yu-Gi-Oh, Yaoi, Roleplay, Anime, Community

PuppyDogJou Public 4,530 60
Roleplaying And Fanfictions Archive

this is a private guild for me and whoever I want to invite

Tags: writing, novel, roleplay, fanfiction

ScoutofMystery Private 2,657 5
Guild of FanFiction!!!!!

Submit your Fanfiction for all of the guild to read!!!!

Tags: Fanfiction, Legend of Zelda, Portal 2, Team Fortress 2, Batman

the study of wumbo Public 92 10
Lost Memoirs

Diary entries and lost feelings of OCs

Tags: Batman, Naruto, Diary, Original, Fanfiction

Amiko_Aliander Public 5 6
The Naruto Fanfiction Guild (Now Open)

A place to read and discuss all Naruto Fanfiction.

Tags: Naruto, Fanfiction, fanfics

Rozial21 Private 3 3
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