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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Jewish Gaians Guild JGG-mule Private 47,187 593
The R.C.P.F.C. Club Guild

We're a nice little fun group that opened up on the net to discuss different/random interests while meeting others! Come share your wonders!

Tags: rcpfc club, random, people, panda, CloudstarVII

CloudstarVII Public 4,357 81
*~Deals with the Devil~* (O/A)

If your principal was the god of demons, what would you do?

Tags: Academy, Deciet, Demons, Alliances, Servants

Huntress Kitteh Private 685 4
Lightsworn Guardians

An army dedicated to the Light and set on destroying the forces of darkness.

Tags: Prince Lightstride, War of Chaos, Army, Light, Role Playing

Prince Lightstride Private 23 4
We Love The Script

Join this guild if you love The Script ^^

Tags: the script, script, science & faith, science, faith

Fudgetard Public 4 5
Shastia Reborn

A guild based role play. War is around us join a kingdom join a cause. Can you solve the great mystery?

Tags: War Style, Role Play, Tatical, Secrets, Evil

Angel_Wings_Take_Flight Public 596 17


Tags: Christianity, Evangelism, Ray Comfort, Kirk Cameron, Livingwaters

The_Creation_Center Public 154 16
Star Wars: The Dark-Star Contingency

An interactive role-playing guild that takes place in the Star Wars universe following the Mandalorian Wars.

Tags: Star Wars, Old Republic, Role Play, RPing

Ur_MooseyFate Public 23 2
Díśtríćt 21

Tags: War-Free, Family, Loyal, Faithful, Love

Jazzybaby215 Private 221 4
Bloody Coven and Pack Realm

What happens when Coven and Pack are put together?

Tags: Vampire, Werewolf, Mythical Creatures, Factions, Romance / Fighting

YinYangBeasty Private 10 2
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