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Islam #2013

peace, purity, submission and obedience.

Tags: muslim, peace, allah, quran, religion

lsIam Public 112 179
Advice, please [The help and support guild for Gaians]

If you have questions or need advice on anything... We're here to help.

Tags: Advice, Discussion, Relationships, Friendships, Rant

Tama Hoshi Public 11,076 900
The Walking Dead Fans

A guild for any Walking Dead fans. NOT A RP!

Tags: walking dead, Daryl Dixon, Rick Grimes, Shane Walsh, The Walking Dead

iFaith-Chan Private 23 2
Project X Prologue

Heaven and Hell have started a war among them, Heroes arrive, to end the war, for who?

Tags: Fantasy, Drama, Action, Heaven, Hell

SmallBoxOfPocky Public 1,323 16

Welcome dimensional traveler, to the Plane known as Innistrad.

Tags: Vampire, Werewolf, Zombie, Ghost, Human

Hebi-Senpai Private 850 21
*~Deals with the Devil~* (O/A)

If your principal was the god of demons, what would you do?

Tags: Academy, Deciet, Demons, Alliances, Servants

Huntress Kitteh Private 685 4
Shastia Reborn

A guild based role play. War is around us join a kingdom join a cause. Can you solve the great mystery?

Tags: War Style, Role Play, Tatical, Secrets, Evil

Angel_Wings_Take_Flight Public 596 17
The Fantastical Land of Gensokyo

Girls are preparing. Please wait warmly.

Tags: Touhou, Gensokyo

We lik brk Private 247 23
Warriors of Auvryduis

"The young inherit power, but hunger for more. By the blood of our kill, we quench our thirst." -- Jysvrae Auntyrr Auvryduis

Tags: Dark Elf, Demon, Dragon, Drow, Fantasy

Jysvrae Auntyrr Auvryduis Private 275 23
The Medici Family

La Famiglia de Medici- a new era of roleplay

Tags: Family, Mafia, Love, Army, Brotherhood

Jester De Medici Public 4 8
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