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Kingdom Hearts: Waking Rebirth

A literate Role Playing Guild based off of Kigndom Hearts:

Tags: Kingdom Hearts, Role Play, Keyblades, Heartless, Square Enix

Tsumuro Private 19,835 100
☪ The Multiverse [ The original ]

A fantasy world with no equal on gaia ! Indepth and epic !

Tags: Magic, Elements, Gold, Love,, Demon, Angel, vampire, werewolf, goblin, stat, RP, Role Play, Anima, Fantasy, World, Advanture, indepth, rank, level, Tek Tek, Contest

Ohhmaru-Concoo-Tanoweichi Private 7,628 16
Damien Harolds Academy [UC]

When Angels, Demons and Humans are on the brink of mutual annihilation, a compromise must be reached.

Tags: School, Demons, Angels, Humans, Island

Rangalord Public 404 5
"Son, I Think it's Time we had a Little Chat..." The guild.

Sex discussion hangout guild.

Tags: friendship, hangout, life talk

Underground_X13 Private 464 38
World War Z

A rp play on world war 2 but with zombies. Semi literate, semi realism and retro.

Tags: Zombie, World War Two, Role Play, Original

Encased In Crystal Public 199 17
Moemon: A New Generation {CLOSED}

When a new breed of human-Pokémon hybrids enter the world, what will become of them?

Tags: Pokemon, Gijinka, Pokemorphs, Moemon, Battle

MagneticPudding Public 1,392 59
Rise of Legends

in construction

Tags: epic, romance, magic, fight, sword

PartyMonk1 Public 63 6
Creative Artisanal Crafts

Come and begin making your artist dreams come true!

Tags: Arts, Crafts, Create, easy, Guild

Baron_Alucard Public 150 29
GaiaOnline Anti-Bullying Guild

Stand up against bullying and support those in need!

Tags: Bullying, Safety, Help, Depression, Love

Kunoichi Pandacat Private 4 5
Evil's Demonic Soul

Every Demon has an Angel!

Tags: demon, angel, roleplay, demonic, angelic

Devils Fantasy Public 201 25
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