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We Have Otaku Hearts

Meet friendly anime-addicts around the world and have fun!

Tags: Anime, Questions, Contests, Charity, Friends

Screaming Mustard Public 17 16
R3(under construction!)

In a world where Demons have risen, the Exorcists must fight to keep the world safe.

Tags: Apocalypse, Demons, Exorcists, Action/Drama, Humor/Romance

pbgKoda-Kun Public 15 3
Dirge Of Genesis

Roleplay, Exorcist, Supernatural, Drama, Action, Literate, Explicit

Tags: Exorcist, Roleplay, Supernatural, Literate, Active

Anima Aequitas Public 3,058 19
Ao No Exorcist

Ao, No, Exorcist, Rin, Yukio, Shiemi, Kuro

Tags: Ao no excorcist, shiemi, kuro, blackie, Yukio

FiReXfLaMeS Public 12 8
The Black Order: Rise To Redemption

A roleplay and recreation of D.Gray-Man's Black Order for ALL D.Gray-Man Fans Everywhere

Tags: D.Gray-Man, Roleplay, Anime, Creativity, The Black Order

Lord Lavi bookman 18 Public 314 17
D.Gray-man: The Millennium Menace [Open and Accepting]

An alternate reality where you are your own main character.

Tags: Anime, Role Playing, D. Gray Man, Allen, Lenalee

II Kenji Uchiha II Private 929 8
~True cross academy~(in construction)

The okumura twins have passed away yet the Kurikara blade is still in the exorcist hands and they must protect it from satan.

Tags: True cross, exorcist cram school, 4 years after okumura twins

Necromatic_apprentice Public 55 6
Blue Exorcist FRP

A Fan Roleplay guild in which you create your own Blue Exorcist character

Angelic Vanga Private 1,178 3
True Cross Academy Cram School (we have freebies! :3)

A study haven for students at all levels to improve study habits and memory work. With RPs and anime discussion on the side.

Tags: cram school, student, studying, ao no exorcist, true cross

haelwyn Public 121 34
Raven Tail Guild

join to talk about anime, cosplay,and enjoy anime lovers

Tags: Naruto, Black Butler, Fairy Tail, Clannad-After Story, Blue Exorcist

Steez_Me Private 1 3
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