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Results for "Evanescence"

Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Evanescence (OFFICIAL GUILD) SourceX Private 2,245 272
Zodiac Alliance (Fruits Basket) Pixie Stick Crisis Public 1,547 168
Evanescence Followers x Hiraku Storm x Public 276 62
Amanescence mildlycrazy13 Public 3 3
Falling Starr's Happy Penguin Club and Friends! jazstarr Public 317 28
Musics Frozen Fangs vampiresfallenbliss Public 441 11

The Guild of Demonica

Tags: demonica, evanescence

Laarthien Public 3 2
Amy Lynn Lee Strange Invasion Public 8 1
Lifeless Angels

About a new band...

Tags: Lifeless, Angels, Band, Music, Random

-_-Metal Evanescence-_- Public 36 6
..//e v a n e s c e n t.recrudescence

A new guild for old roleplays!

Tags: evanescence, roleplaying, interesting, forums, roleplay

Phantastic Ching Public 13 5
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