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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Bleach: World of Shinigami

The world of bleach re-imagined by devout fans.

Tags: bleach, shinigami, zanpakuto, anime, world

Zeke Sagamoto Private 31,244 67
Bleach: Kengeki no Shouten (Under Construction)

Bleach Rp.

Tags: Bleach, Role Play, Gotei, Battle, Zanpaktou

Lord Ryu I-Eclipse-I Public 3,505 14
Bleach ReBirth of Seireitei Law.

A Semi-Literate Rp for fun and for Beginner to grow.

Tags: shinigami, arrancar, vizard, bleach, romance

Akihiko Kazuki Public 5,272 41
Bleach The New Beginning

The Beginning of the New Soul Society

Tags: Anime, Manga, Bleach, Roleplay

MadHatterOfGames Private 27,588 2
Bleach: The Charred Remains (Closed)

Fall into the charred remains of the Soul Society

Tags: Bleach, Role Playing, Espada, Vizard, Hollows

Mental Neko-Kun Private 4,009 16
The Ultimate Alliance: The Massive Crossover Rp Guild

Characters from any anime/manga/game in a new universe.

Tags: Crossover, Naruto, Bleach, Anime, Manga

ScytheAidenRyu Private 350 21
Espada "Your New Family"

This Guild is for Only People Who Will Except The Concept of Being an Espada

Hazaro Shu Public 67 19
Bleach:Dawn of a New Age

A Bleach RP guild for those with new ideas...

Tags: Bleach, Roleplay, Aizen, Dimension, Demon

Eibons Law Public 377 14
~A Soul Reaper's Seranade~

Be a Soul Reaper, Espada, Visard or what ever! We welcome all!

Tags: bleach, soul reaper, espada, vizard, semi-literate

QuietNinja96 Public 13,325 9
Bleach: Seal Of the Seireitei

The Winter War is over, Aizen is sealed away and the Arrancar are angry. They want their leader back and will do anything to do it.

Tags: Bleach, RPing, Seireitei, Ichigo, Aizen

DaemonSpadesApprentice Public 4,929 29
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