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Bleach: Soul Revolution (Recruiting)

A literate Bleach guild based 200 years after the death of the Shinigami from Yamamoto's Reign.

Tags: Bleach, Shinigami, Espada, Vizards, Gotei 13

Kunesume2 Public 6,763 37
♛ Bleach: ℭhanging Ṫides ♛

The realm of your stories...

Tags: Shinigami, Action/Adventure, Bleach, Hollow, Fantasy

aisarenai Public 1,638 27
Bleach Eternity: Begining of A New Age (A Bleach Roleplay)

we are an expanding bleach roleplaying guild who has been rated by many to be the best they have been in so join if you enjoy roleplaying

Tags: Soul Reaper, Bleach, Roleplaying, Shinigami, Anime

Kensei Kyoraku Private 15,429 16
Vizards Society

Where Vizards can train on soul reaper and hollow powers in ZOMG.

chrispk Public 88 37
Bleach: 15 Court Guard Squads

Tags: bleach, zanpakuto, soul reaper, hollow, espada

Kashikoi Kusabana Public 695 21
Sereitei-Bleach Fan Guild (RPG)

This is my first guild, but I'll do my best!

Tags: bleach, anime, roleplay

hogosha shido Private 2,104 15
Bleach: Dark Reign (Grand Opening)

A literate Bleach guild with a fresh storyline and original characters!!

Tags: Bleach, Vizard, Role Play, Original, Shinigami

Kit Vash Public 128 10
Soul Society Elites(HIATUS)

We are the new breed of Soul Reapers, and we will surpass all that came before us.

Tags: Gotei, Bleach, Espada, Vizard, Soul Society

Spreader of Despair Public 1,948 38
Bleach: Blazing Blades

Where Soul Reapers, Arrancar, Bounts, Quincys & Humans live together or battle for their lives. Who knows what amazing adventures await you.

Kenasai Kunomi Public 745 45
Bleach: The 2nd Great War

A Bleach based RPG

Tags: Social, Romance, Fighting, Action, Anime

thelegendofzack Public 1,023 7
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