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The Six Realms Sage: A Naruto Roleplay

Come join for some seirous and fun role play, come to chalenge yourself or make friends, You think your good enough?

Tags: Naruto, Akatsuki, Anime, Ninja

Xx Freezing Nightmare xX Public 1,411 47
The Great Shinobi War (Naruto Rp)

Years have past since Naruto was alive, and now there will be a change, but will the Shinobi be able to stop it?

Tags: naruto, rping, ninjas, battles

hiraoku13 Private 667 9
The Video Game Masters

A guild of men and women who are extremely awesome in everything video game.

Tags: video games, masters, gaming, entertainment, games

Reaver10 Public 757 161
Drop Kick Pro Wrestling

A literal virtually boot to ass kicking new federation

Tags: wrestling, roleplaying, entertainment, dropkick

Glenn Masters Private 2,712 24
~Rosario Academy~

The Guild is were people can interact have fun and hopefully keep at it.

Tags: Vampires, Role Playing, Academy, Romance, Entertainment

Espada Akira Harribel Public 4,094 24

Tags: literate, semi-literate, active, friends, entertainment

Lady LoveIy Public 208 120
Clans of the East

A warrior cats RP guild. Semi-lit.

Tags: Warrior, Cats, Role playing, Warriors, Animal

Aurairah Private 20 4

Roleplaying in the darkest pits of Hell.

Tags: Demon, Hell, Netherworld, Monster, Devil

James R Usher Private 19 1
Kamigami no Asobi

Talk about Kamigami and any other new or old animes or manga:D

Tags: anime, manga, games, entertainment

AkisuKosshi Public 3 4
The Melonpop Guild

A place where many can gather and rejoice about any topics of choice

Tags: melon, guild, anything, stupid, random

Lousyd Public 7 7
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