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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Riots To Come

Become a pokemon, get a partner, and save or destroy the world.

Tags: Pokemon, Mystery, Dungeon, Anime, Role Playing

Listiona Public 1,110 12
Digimon World: A Digimon Roleplaying Guild

Basically, You get to be the digimon you want to be from the show.

Tags: Digimon, Roleplaying, Literate, Dungeons and Dragons

InsaneKatKing Public 2,426 9
The Creators' Codex (Construction Alpha)

Traverse an epic world of medieval fantasy and magic as you encounter & endeavor a journey of self righteousness.

Tags: Fantasy, Adventure, Epic, Magic, Battle

Zylvanness Private 143 6
The Light Kingdom Guild

The Kingdom's fate rests with its soldiers

Tags: Nekocon, Role Play, Action, Light Vs. Dark, Human

Fyre the Fox Demon Public 14 11
Zed Millar's D&D/RP Emporium

RP, spam, chatterbox, ED, GD, politics, the whole spectrum.

Tags: Role playing, Communism, TRANS, Dungeons and Dragons, homosexual

Zed Millar Private 437 22
Anime Role Playing Extraordinaire

Join the challenge in playing a brand new Anime Role Playing Game or posting to either a familiar RPG or new one.

Tags: Fantasy, anime, Rpg's, role play, Tsubasa

smithers456 Public 529 16
~Fables & Factions~

A D&D Role Playing Guild

Tags: Dungeons, Dragons, Role Playing

Rob Matthews Public 138 5
Pokemon Fantasia

This will be a multiple pokemon RP guild with different types and scenarios.

Tags: Pokemon, Mystery Dungeon, Trainers

Dearest Starlight Public 87 11
The World of Aincrad [Closed]

In the year 2022 the new VRMMORPG of the year becomes everybody’s worse nightmare.

Tags: Role Play, Survival, Fighting, Romance, Sword Art Online

Emperor Ecchimau Private 6,646 2
DnD Guild Hall

A Guild to play DnD and just general chatting in

Tags: Tabletop, Dice, Dungeon, Dragon, Role Playing

Ravyn94 Public 36 6
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