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[ The SAO Project ] «Beta»

The world's most popular VRMMORPG quickly turns into a life or death struggle in a strange world only known as Aincrad.

Tags: Sword Art Online, Alfheim Online, Role Play, Semi Literate, Literate

Typhlobasia Private 2,424 48
The Rip Guild

What is your story?

Tags: Anime, Video Games, Role Playing, Dungons and Dragons

Dark Maverick423 Private 1,048 28
The Indie Game Guild

Discuss about indie games and obscure game titles here.

Tags: indie, game, chat, independent, mainstream

Moon Chocobo Public 161 21
D&D/D20/RPG - The World Of Atheora

D&D 4.0 RPG

Tags: Dungeons & Dragons, D20 System, Role Play, Role Playing Game, Dungeon Master

TheDragonLordRyu Public 158 1
Zelda Dungeon: A Zelda Guild

Chat about difficult dungeons, new game releases, Zelda cheat codes, characters, role-play and more!

Tags: Zelda, Game, Dungeon, Hyrule, Triforce

Pirate Tetra Zelda Public 2,204 228
Dark Elf Sanctuary & Tavern (Rp)

A Sanctuary to Rp and convers.

Tags: Dark Elf, Role Play, War of the Races, Tavern, Familial

Fearless Demon child Private 1,877 5
Dungeon Delvers

A Dungeons and Dragons inspired simple RPG

Tags: Dungeons, Dragons, Simple, Loot, Combat

demimonde4 Private 176 5
Friend MMO


Tags: MMORPG, Anime, Guilds, Roleplay, Semi-literate

ll Princess Velvet ll Public 60 2
Rivers pokemon RP guild

Pokemon role play/RP

Tags: Pokemon adventures, pokemon mystery dungeon, House pokemon, Pokemon theiv hangout, Pokemon Vaction forever

Rebblor Private 177 5
From Darkness to Light, A D&D Guild

A middle ages, end of days roleplay guild that has a D&D focus.

Tags: Roleplaying, Dungeon and Dragons, Zombies, Middle Ages

Yandere Hideki Public 2 5
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