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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
☆★☆Inverted Panda ☆★☆ Roleplaying

Roleplaying plain and simple

Tags: Anime, Cosplay, literate, Drawing, roleplaying

JrockJunkieAi Public 1,259 76
EWA Films

A sanctuary where EWA stars are in feature length movies and series (fan fiction)

Tags: films, Wrestling, Evolution, fan fiction, G-feds

Yukari Clepsydra Private 178 15
The Underground Empire(Rap Guild)

The illest Rap community around

Tags: Rapping, Freestyle, Music, Community, Style

hellzkaiser Private 1,070 12
Art Corner for the Lovers of Art

This Guild is about Art, any kind whatever it is you like we'll accept it here ,we give critisism when asked and ask for the same.

Tags: arts, poetry, music, Tattooing

Scarred Dengel Public 436 31
Dark;s Guild of Guildy...stuff!

My RP's, Rants, Storage and linkages, so on.

Tags: Dragon, Drawing, Role-play, Dark, Full Metal Alchemist

Ahliera Public 59 2
Jak and Daxter's Super Mario Adventure

Jak and Daxter get sent to the Mushroom Kingdom in hopes that the cure for Daxter is there.

Tags: Daxter, Darkred, EmpressDee, Roleplaying, characters

empress dee Public 17 3
Anime Academy (AA)

The perfect guild/academy for those otakus, anime lovers, yaoi/yuri fans, kpop,jpop,vkei music genre, everything you need thats kawaii!

Tags: Otaku, Kpop, Jpop, Vkei, Manga (fanart), Dramas, roleplaying

Mikataru Public 22 20
Moe の Latté

Okairi Goshujin sama, Ojou sama.

Tags: Anime, Otaku, Japan, Vocaloid, Utaite

Honey o v o Public 19 10

Gaians who are talented in various ways.

Tags: Talents, Gaia

Anike Koneko Public 3 2
Elaine's Hardcore Fan Club

Fans of BopuTofu are all welcomed yo.

Tags: BopuTofu, Arts, Fine Print, HD Quality, "I'm the babe with the power"

starsuchi Public 11 16
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