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Draw a Circle ~ That's the Earth!

ヘタリア ! ! (= ヮ=)೨

Tags: Hetalia, Axis Powers, Beautiful World, Italy, Pasta

Floriette Private 887 53
Fantastic Anime Club

This guild, is all about Anime & Donating Gold & Making Anime Friends.

Tags: Drawings, Donating Gold, Friends, Anime, Guilds

blockbuster junkie Public 3 21
The Imaginers' Academy

The Imaginers' Academy is a RPG guild, where you can let you imagination loose. Here you can bond with other gaians in our boarding school.

Tags: Role Play, Adventure, Games, Academy, School

l Princess Sugar l Private 2,053 37
Lucky Lucky Station

Contests, giveaways, lottos, bump, auctions

Tags: Contests, Auctions, Lottos, Bump, Giveaways

memorybrn1_1 Private 175 13
Artisans Unite!!!

This is a guild for Artists of many sorts and diffrent kinds! We love new active members with fresh new ideas!

Tags: Drawings, Writing, RPG's, Artist, Critics

XObsidianRoseX Public 6,554 23
Artittack's Art cult

Guild about the arts

Tags: arts, drawing, drama, expression, freedom

artittack Public 761 118
Jak and Daxter's Super Mario Adventure

Jak and Daxter get sent to the Mushroom Kingdom in hopes that the cure for Daxter is there.

Tags: Daxter, Darkred, EmpressDee, Roleplaying, characters

empress dee Public 19 3
Cardfight!! Vanguard

For all things Cardfight!! Vanguard.

Tags: Cardfight!!, Vanguard, Aichi, Sendou

lordbluestar Public 132 56
Adorable Avi Art Shoppe

All too adorable avatar shop for you.

Tags: avatar art, avatar, art shop, avatar art shop, drawings

Chyuuki-chan Public 405 62
Artists of the Art Shops & Art Freebies Hangout

This is a guild for those of us that own an art shop or art freebie thread. Here you can chat with fellow artists.

Tags: art shops, art freebies, trades, gaia artists, commissions

coffeewife Public 383 149
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