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★ The Victorious Victoria Justice Guild ★

Lovers of Victorious and/or Victoria Justice Unite!!!

Tags: Victoria, Justice, Victorious, Nickelodeon, TeeNick

neosmurfysailor Public 504 173
Disney Reborn

A disney reincarnation private high school roleplay.

Tags: disney, high school, reincarnation, roleplay

Miomi_Niasou Public 444 22
A Twist Of Disney

A roleplay guild that brings together Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks into a small town who's main focus is an orphanage and Boarding school.

Tags: Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, Roleplay

temari_twin Private 1,096 14
Walt Disney University

Put your favorite Disney characters in the modern world and see what happens!

Tags: Disney, School, Life, Friends, Romance

FleurDeLyssity Public 377 20
When Worlds Collide (A Peter Pan/Alice in Wonderland Rp)

Below the island of Neverland is an enchanted world of nonsense.

Tags: Disney, role, play, Neverland, Wonderland

Amiko_Aliander Public 59 3
Gaia Avatar Fashion Show

Weekly Gaia Avatar Fashion Shows with PRIZES

Tags: fashion show, avatars, creative, tektek, prizes

Despotic Vanity Public 1 2
The Imagination Roleplaying Society

"If you can dream it, you can do it."

Tags: Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, Rise of the Guardians, Frozen

RichGrl20 Private 2 4
An Undesirable Point of View

There are two sides to every story, one is just more painful.

Tags: Altered perspective, Undesireable, Roleplaying

xRagnaraqx Private 25 3
Gay Titty Thunder Bus

like disney world only gay and mobile

Tags: awesome, titty, thunder, yolo, hangout

hashiramadoka Public 4 4
Disney Asylum

A Disney Asylum based roleplay.

Tags: Disney, asylum, roleplaying, disney asylum, disney roleplay

Eru Lawliet The wonderful Public 4 1
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