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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Official Walt Disney Guild XKiss.Me.Im.ContagiousX Private 7,049 614
Oathkeeper; A Kingdom Hearts Guild

A healthy and dedicated Kingdom Hearts Guild. Celebrating 4 great years!

Tags: Kingdom Hearts, Oathkeeper, Disney

merokei Private 20,052 1,095
I Love K2!

A Guild for fans of Kevin Jonas (Jonas Brothers) We've got free contests and many different forums to chat in! Regular newsletter!

Tags: Jonas Brothers, Kevin Jonas, Jonas

Ailihphilia Public 537 35
|TAOH| The Ace Of Hearts 2.0

A guild for a new look and convertaions about Kindom Hearts this is not you're usual KH fan club!!! ^^

Tags: Kingdom Hearts, Sora, Guild, The Ace Of Hearts, |TAOH|

TheInuyash Public 95 43
The Ultimate Once Upon a Time Fan Club~

A place to talk about Once Upon a Time, and share Fanfiction

Tags: Once Upon a Time, ABC Family, Disney, Fan Club, Fantasy

Stanley Jane Smith Public 191 10
Organization{RPG GROUP}

RPG Group for those who love Organization XIII from Kingdom Hearts

Tags: Role, Organization, Kingdom Hearts, Video Game, Square Enix and Disney

Miyakono Public 4 2

A recreated guild.. under construction

Tags: anime, highschool, gold, roleplaying, powers

Random Rini Private 8,620 21
Disney Channel: Continued!

A roleplaying guild with all the shows on Disney Channel- and YOU get to be in it!

Tags: Disney Channel, Shows, Wizards of Waverly Place, Suite Life on Deck, Role Playing

Leopardstreak Public 355 27
YTF (Youtube Friends/Yesterday, Today, Forever)

This guild is for all the YTFers out there!

Tags: Kevjumba, Nigahiga, YouTube, D-Trix, Chester See

thelaurenmahone Public 13 14
Wonderland In Motion

this a guild for wild fun role playing

Tags: role playing, chatting, romance, battle, and most definetely half mad

ThE-_-Tru-_-HatTeR Public 13 6
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