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.:: -Where Eternal Plays- ::.

Literate Role Playing Guild with many different types of rps

Tags: Fantasy, Superhero, Digimon, Kingdom Hearts, Hogwarts/Harry Potter

lilsweetcheeks Private 16,976 387
True Snow: An Anime Couples (Non Yaoi and Non Yuri!) neji_girl Private 5,090 126
Digital World League

A private Digimon RP where we value originality.

Tags: Digimon, Digital, Tamers, Evolution, Anime

V i c e y Private 88 4
The World Crosser's Guild

This is a guild with a few things to be interested in

Tags: Role Play, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Literate

Dimitri Bishou Private 1,035 30
Digital Collapse (U/C)

A Digimon RP

Tags: Role Playing, Digimon, Digital World

dragonjutsuist of Fire Private 892 30
Digimon: The next Generation

Join and Rp in the digital world

Tags: Digimon, Agumon, your face, Agumon digivolve to!, roleplay

Miyuki Sutoku Private 76 2
Role Play Rangers

Dedicated to literate and long-lived Role Plays, we are the Role Play Rangers

Tags: Role Play, Discussion

Mmummada Private 69 2
Yokai Academy for Digidestined and Meisters

The school for monsters, weapons, meisters and digimon

Tags: Rosario+Vampire, Soul Earter, Digimon, Vampire, Weapon

Lux Vintar Private 607 7
All-Things Digimon

A guild made specifically for fans of the Digimon franchise.

Tags: digital, monsters, games, anime, movie

TheYoshiGamer Public 2 2
Digimon: new server (rp guild)

A guild for our new DigiDestined and their digimon.

Tags: Digimon, role playing, tamer

bendonatier Private 169 15
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