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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
.Hack // Legacy xX_Kami-Shinzo_Xx Public 20,726 1,457
The Monk/Psych Fanguild

Tags: Monk, Psych, House, USA Network, television

Ceribri Public 1,519 141
Gaian Community Christian Church

The Online Church & Bible Study

Tags: Christian, Community, Jesus, Bible, Church

Ohana_Okazaki Private 1,003 119
A Twist Of Fandom

A roleplay guild that brings together different fandoms into a small town who's main focus is an orphanage and Boarding school.

Tags: Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Game Of Thrones, Merlin, Fandom

temari_twin Public 138 8
Corrupt Angels of Darkness

Dark Angels of Gaia

The Aingra Mainyu Public 8 18
Duel Academia (Yugioh RP)

Fun and Fun... you will really like this guild.

Tags: Yugioh Gx, Duel, Academy, RPing

Cerebus1415 Private 8,994 31
The Island of Legends

Starter role-play guild about life on The Island of Legends

Tags: City, Life, Legends, Role play

vampireglub Public 274 30
Lonely Marionette's

a home for marionette's

Tags: Marionette, Dolls, Lonely

Heart Break Hime Private 66 16
Possibly Bananas

A random, fun-filled guild where strange is normal.

Tags: happy, random, weird, strange, talkative

Possibly Bananas Public 17 9

A private forum.

8 Y Private 10 2
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