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The Furuba Fan Guild

For all the Fruits Basket Lovers.

Tags: Fruits Basket, Furuba, Manga, Anime, Zodiac

Sabishii Murasaki Private 4,691 355
Let's Shop for Art!

Here you can find freebies, shops and artists categorized to make shopping so much easier!

Tags: shop, drawing, freebies, artists, guild

TheMidnightDutchess Private 106 39
☠Skull & Bones☠: Cɵʁʌeɫɫɚ Inc. ™

Enterprise/Business/Militia/Ar ms Dealing

Tags: Fanstasy, Sci-Fi, Roleplay, Formal, Combat

Devilish Ezrael Private 506 16
Roleplay Safe Haven

This is a guild for RPers and everyone else

Tags: Roleplay, safe haven, hang-out, ninjas and more, random

destinyhero-destoryer Public 7,549 35
Bleach - The Spiritual Divide

Tags: Role Play, Bleach, Liberation, Romance, Combat

Have Faith In Us Eren Private 23,544 60

Tags: Semi-Literate/Literate, Roleplay/Fighting

Ehzirri Private 481 12
I.C. Corporation

Roleplay; I.C. Corporation Unites most of those with passion for knowing.

Tags: Demons, Monsters, Humans, Mercenaries, Shadows, Ghosts, Informative, Knowledge

Mingan Nam Private 363 2
~Kyrrosin~ Home To All, Guarded by the Wolves

A guild for any and all types of RP's and RPer's

Tags: Role Play, Multiplay

KaitaAlexis Public 273 13
A Simple Re:Collection

Under construction

Tags: Fantasy, Action, Slice of Life, Romance

Craft_Knight Private 86 4
AttackOnTitan RP

this is a rp for the anime/manga Attack on titan

Tags: Attack on titan, RolePlay, Shingeki no Kyojin

Renozon Private 69 6
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