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Results for "Darkness"

Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Birthstone Wars

A Guild Inspired Through A Story I Was Writing.

Tags: Birthstones, Wars, Fighting, Freedom

Aizula Private 10,647 19
Hinode Academy

Love with education

Tags: Funn, Fantasy, Romance, School

shy_ girl_kagome Public 232 26
The Promiscuous Garden

This is a Brothel/Family where girls can have a home and a trade

Tags: LGBT Friendly, Roleplay, Dark, friendly

Jura Delane Public 2 1
Being Meguca is Suffering

A RP guild with multiple RPs, such zombie survival, vampires, werwolves, and.. well other stuff?

Tags: Drama, Romance, Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies, Roleplay, Slice of life

Bomby Senpai Private 21,204 24
Fairy Tail: The Next Generation

100 Years after the Main Story

Tags: FairyTail, Roleplay, Literate, Fairy, Tail

Scythe Ryuu Private 839 69
Star Wars A New Legacy

Thousands of years after the time of Luke Skywalker the last great Jedi, a new age is beginning. The darkness grows as the light fades.

Tags: Star Wars, Literate, Roleplay, Jedi, Sith

Kane Solomon Private 855 21
[SAO] Loukussa


Tags: Anime, Sword Art Online, Virtual Reality, Online Gaming, Survival

Princellah Public 49 4
Winx: The Next Chapter

A new adventure in the world of Winx

Tags: Winx Club, Next Chapter, Role Play, Fairies, Magic

RosellaStarr Private 9 1
Augustine Academy: for the Gifted Rebels

A school for the supernatural who have been banned from the original school. Welcomes new students.

Tags: Rebels, supernatural, school

ashdeathprincess Public 3 1
The Dark of the Light

A futuristic style guild with monsters vs humans but only due to a very large power that wants to rule

Tags: Fantasy, Horror, Action, Role Playing, post apocalyptic

Kira the Fallen Red Angel Private 3 9
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