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Homestuck - Another Side, Another Story

Imagine there being a different group of people playing Sburb and Sgrub. Now, you can make it a reality.

Tags: Homestuck, Sburb, Sgrub, role-play

Angel of Hollowness Public 717 3
Love is Blind (THe academy for all creatures/roleplaying)

A school for creatures of all kind to come together and also a place to let your ideas flow in various roleplays. Here you write the story.

Tags: academy, love, supernatural, roleplaying, school

-I- silent_ame -I- Public 1,653 23
~Animal Academy~

People Who Can Change Into Creatures.

Tags: Animal, Academy, Demon, School, ShiftShape

PandoraHeartsLacie Public 3,376 17
The Universal RP Guild Of Gaia


Tags: Horror, Roleplaying, Fantasy, Romance, Master/Slave

Calafein Helvimtor Private 2,823 40
Mythology High

All deities you love and creatures

Tags: Myths, Demigods, Creatures, Vampires, Werewolves

WaterStar156 Public 73 18
Lady Roseline's Estate

Roleplay ,Family,Fun,Victorian,.Etc

Tags: Roleplay, Victorian

Lizzy Senpai Public 2 1
Infinity MOB

Brother Guild to MOB - Family

Tags: Family, MOBFam, Infinity, Respect

Sinyuki Private 3 4
Role Players Paradise

A role players paradise, full of different story plots.

CuB_Hyena Public 341 14
Young Titans

This is a guild is a hybrid between shows Teen Titans and Young Justice. Members may create heroes or villains to role play.

Tags: Teen Titans, Young Justice, DC Universe, action role play, super heroes

Shadow Vipera Private 6,810 26
The Dark Apocalypse

A guild based on the four horseman. Come and learn the ways of your favorite horseman.

Tags: Roleplaying, Death, School, Teaching, students

xX The Frozen Xx Public 1,709 15
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